Bundling payments

Do I remember that bundling payments together under a category like “Trip to Paris” was a Tymit feature, or have I imagined it?

I can’t seem to find anything about it either in app or on the Tymit website.

Anybody know anything about this?

Yes you could do this on iOS by dragging one transaction onto another


Brilliant, thanks for that. :raised_hands:

Funny that they seem to have taken down mention of it on the website.

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Perhaps because it doesn’t work for android they’re not really pushing it as a feature atm

Or perhaps they like hidden features to keep you guessing :laughing:


… it’s hard to think what Tymit’s rationale is for a lot of things! :thinking:

It’s also a bit buggy. Just tried to bundle 2 payments I made today a couple of hours apart (not either side of midnight!) and I get an error message saying “sorry, you can’t bundle payments on different bills”. :flushed:

Not that it’s any big deal. It’s not a feature I think I’ll use much.

If you think that’s buggy you should try the android app :laughing: first of all you will open the app and be presented with a blank screen with no bill amount at the top and you won’t be able to access your card details either.

Close it and open again to see your bill amount and card details normally as all iOS users would expect.

Bundle payments, you can forget that there is no option (one less thing to break I suppose) :laughing:

Choose a plan, I have been asked to chose a plan for purchases already paid in full, purchases already in a plan and even a refund.

Then there is the blank notifications (usually the end of month notification) oh and notifications for purchases sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

Sounds like a rant but even with all the above I still love Tymit and wouldn’t be without it, Really looking forward to the new app design when it arrives :smiley:

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The Android app is a true work of art isn’t it? I’m at about 3 force closes and launches to get my remaining credit line now :rofl: Maybe it’s someone’s GCSE IT coursework and we are all just being punked!

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What @Billy said. I switched to Android and was astonished at the difference in the apps.

Related to your query - has it crossed over the billing day? Tymit do have a billing cycle that determines when one bill closes and a new one starts, and I guess it might make sense that you cannot bundle across the two billing periods.

I get this in iOS too. But I’ve found if I try to drag the blank white screen down, I get the little spinning wheel of doom for a second or two, then my bill balance miraculously appears. Still not ideal, but better than closing app and logging back in. Not that it will necessarily work on the Android app, of course!

And don’t worry about having a rant. We all need a good rant now and again. :wink:

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Nope. That’s why I put “not either side of midnight” Both transactions were on 26/10, one at 11.52, the other at 14.58.

I know 26th is the first day in the billing cycle, but that shouldn’t make a difference. Not unless the cycle starts/ends at 12noon! Which, I guess since this is Tandem we’re talking about, can’t be ruled out. :rofl:

Tadem and Tymit both begin with T, are Fintech but surely that is all they have in common? :laughing:

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Er, yep, that. :shushing_face:

I think I’ve been permanently scarred by Tandem! They just won’t leave my head. :scream:

So after a hiatus of several months, it appears the ability to bundle payments is back, in iOS at least.

I discovered it entirely by accident though, Tymit never told us the feature was being removed and certainly I’ve not had anything saying it was back.

There was a separate post saying they were bringing it back.

Hopefully we will be getting this on Android as well, Just awaiting an update.