Can I make another payment after clearing my monthly bill?

I’ve made a £999 purchase just now with the tymit card. I set it to a 3 month plan and immediately paid off £333. But I’d like to pay off another £100 or so. The bill for this month says “£0” owed though so I’m not sure if I should send this arbitrary extra cash to the same bank account provided in the “pay your bill” section. I’m slightly hesitant to transfer money to the account as my Barclays app warned several times that it could not verify the account details and that I should check with the company that they are correct.

The original £333 payment however did get confirmed by the app within seconds of my sending it which was very good to see.

PS I don’t think I’m using “Booster”. Just the ordinary card with ~20% APR and a £1500 credit limit.

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Hey @xeotkq - Firstly welcome to the community.

Tymit’s provider probably doesn’t yet support Confirmation of Payee so this may be why Barclay’s say it cannot verify the account. That or the account of Tymit is in a slightly different name.

If you look at your home screen in Tymit, do you see Learn More under your balance? If you click that you should be able to use the Pay Now option too.

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It will be fine to send the other £100 to the same bank account. I’m with Starling and have had the same issue with them not able to verify the account. It seems if you put the account name as Tymit Limited it gives the verification warning, however if you try TymitLimited it works fine.

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Thanks for the replies. @jase I don’t have the learn more button there, just a pay now button which opens up the “local transfer / international transfer” dialogue followed by the bank details screen, which says “£0 bill payment”.

I decided to send in £1 as a test, and it does seem to have properly gone through as the payment was immediately confirmed by the app and my available credit was bumped up by £1.

@mg453 I tried paying TymitLimited instead of Tymit Limited; alas, still the same warnings. Probably not too much to worry about though. I read online that my bank (Barclays) only recently introduced this feature.

Awesome, glad you got it working for you!

If your payment went through, you can ignore the warning about mismatched account names. Where Tymit may be using agency banking from Transact Payments, it could be the account is listed in their name and just needs updating. It’s safe to ignore.