Cancel account please


I had an account last year, closed it after months of endless trouble.
Now I opened another account, got Booster around a month ago.

Strangely this time they wanted ID, dont know why as I’m on the ER.

Supplied this and after a delay got the card.

Now today I received a compliance email asking for ID, again less than a month after opening.

I’m not supplying it again, this service seems dodgy and flawed - I’m sure many will say I’m overreacting and they aren’t dodgy but I had issues last year which werent addressed and now this issue.

Support takes ages to reply, and when they do they aren’t helpful and blunt.

Ive told them to treat this as account complaint and close the account if they want ID again, and I take it to the FOS.

£10 a month for a card and they want me to supply ID twice in 4 weeks? Jokers - not happening, not when I emailed it last time.

So if someone here can flag this and get in touch to arrange to close the account, as you just lost me as a customer for the second time and there wont be a third.

Hi @KWS thanks for bringing this to my attention and really sorry to hear about your recent experience. :pensive:

To follow up on this, I’m going to send you a private message to get some more details from you so I can help you here.

I look forward to hearing from you and get this sorted! :blush:

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Thanks Fedi, I have responded

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