Cannot Log In to the App

Cannot log in to the app.

I’m having a similar issue. I went through ID verification and 2 hours later it was still stalled. I stopped the app and restarted it. It then prompted me to set a passcode which I did. But then the app stalled. I stopped/cleared the App and restarted it. It obviously asked me to login again, I entered my mobile number, received a text message - entered it and got “We encountered a problem, try again later”.

This was at 13:59, 14:35, 15:57 and 17:30. Still not able to login.

Not a good first impression :frowning:

App version 1.6.1
Phone: Pixel 3
OS: Android 11

I had the same problem in the last hour. Got through to stage of verifying bank details then crashed and now keep getting same message of encountering a problem when trying to log in. Not a good start like you said.

Just tagging @Iqra for their attention…

Thank you @MuppetDave for tagging me!

I’m really sorry that you’ve all had to experience this!

We’re across this and very close to a solution - as soon as we have released a fix we’ll share it. Thanks for all your patience @Newventures and @rbairwell

@starfang We need a little more time to test the fix for the issue you’re experiencing, we’ll be in touch directly to keep you posted.

Thanks @Iqra : I received a text message earlier today saying the bug should be fixed and I was able to complete my signup. Now just waiting for the card.

Nice to see the temporary card appears to work on Curve (managed to add it at least) but not fully on Google Pay (“can’t be used in stores”). Now just to make a purchase…

I am having same problem.