Can't login into the app 18-Jun-2020

Today app does not work. I cannot login into it from my iPhone. Any issue on tymit side?

I am experiencing the same thing.
Been unable to log in for the last hour or so.

Mines working, I didn’t try earlier though.

Tymit Support are aware of the issue, as I’ve emailed them about it yesterday, they are investigating the issue.

I can get in OK this morning.

Hi Everyone,

We became aware of a login issue yesterday affecting a small number of users, which was linked to the latest major iOS update.

This morning we’ve released a hotfix into the app store to resolve this, if you update to latest version of the app (1.9.2) you should be able to login. If you’re still experiencing issues after this please contact

Have a great weekend!


I confirm it works now.

Also did the hotfix update and it is working for me now too.

Great response from the Support Team on fixing this issue.

Have a good weekend and stay safe!