Can't make payment!


I have gone to pay my bill by clicking PAY BILL.

This takes me to a window which says - How do you want to pay?

But the option to CHOOSE is faded out and I can’t go any further. I have deleted the app and redownloaded. But the problem is still there.

I have raised a ticket with support but they just sent me details about how to do it - which I already know. I sent them a screenshot, but they don’t appear to have read the messsage. I have just gone back to them again, to ask for help, but not heard anything back today.

I am really worried my payment is going to be late and I will get a default on my credit report.

Has anyone had this issue and do you know how to resolve it? Does anyone know where I can find the bank details to pay the bill manually from my account?

Thanks and kind regards

First time paying Tymit?

If not you should be able to locate the sort code & account number from your previous payment along with your unique reference (doesn’t change but is unique to your account).

Then just bank transfer the amount owing.

Yes I am a new client - this is my first payment

Hi @5lowL0rus :wave:
Welcome to the community.

Let me look into this for you - i’ll try to get an update for you quickly :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you I really appreciate it.