Can't proceed with application

Hello. I have been accepted as a customer for Tymit Credit and got to the part where I need to upload a picture of my ID, but when I hit Continue nothing happens. I’m on a Google Pixel 4XL. Tried to clear the cache and data but the problem still persists :confused: already contacted support

Hi @Bobster and welcome to the Community! :wave:

Ohh, that doesn’t sound right at all! I’ve just sent you a message requesting some more details so I can look into this for you. Can’t wait to hear back from you and get this fixed!

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Hello Fedi
All good, I was able to complete the process a few minutes ago. Now I’ll wait for my card.
Thank you so much for your help

Hi @Bobster, that’s such a great news! My pleasure to help and welcome to Tymit, hope you enjoy using your card.

If you need anything, feel free to message me, email us at or use in-app live chat to be connected to customer support.

Take care now and have a great afternoon!

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