Can't transfer money

I’ve tried transferring money from my booster account to my current account but it doesn’t allow. Im fed up with this account and want the funds withdrawn. Any help???

Unfortunately I’ve never had the need to use this option so can’t comment. But just assume that you select the withdrawal option in transfer money. It will only allow you to withdraw any credit which isn’t in use

I was just going to tag you as well @dudesuper1982 to see if you could help. I thought it was just a case of going to withdraw and get a warning notification about withdrawing from the deposit then click continue.

Darren is saying the app just cuts off so maybe one for @Oisin to look at.

You will need to contact customer support to close the account.

You can also withdraw cash from a ATM as a workaround if you can’t transfer it and really want it back urgently.