Carbon Offset 🌲

I would love to see carbon offsetting either as an automated option or manual confirmation to offset.

I’m about to book a trip that involves 11 flights and can choose to offset at the time of booking for the rest of my spending isn’t covered.

There are apps like Yayzy and CoGo but it’s dependent on them to connect to Tymit when an open banking API is exposed.

Would anyone else like to offset approximate carbon based on their spend? The offset could be charged to the card and replanned as usual.

Ideally a choice of initiatives to offset with (not just planting trees but carbon capture and other offerings). :evergreen_tree:

Microsoft just gave up offsetting because it’s impossible to audit properly. Planting trees can be good, but any measurement of offset is likely to give you false assurance

I agree it’s not an exact science but something seems better than nothing.

I have found a carbon capture company that seems better than just planting trees so that’s my focus now.

I already offset with open banking for my current account and other credit card but would like to do more.

Agreed! I just think a separate dedicated scheme that doesn’t pretend to be offsetting your emissions is a better way.