Card arrived today but

Signed up last week and my card arrived today :slight_smile:

It was obvious that my card was in the envelope especially with the Wirecard name on the postage label.

The little card envelope was a nice touch and built my expectations up for what was inside, however I must admit, the quality of the card did look cheap. I like the design of the card and it would be further enhanced with quality printing on a quality card.

Just my 5 cents …

It’s a card! Does it really matter?

I have a Revolut ‘metal’ card which was a bit of a gimmick to be honest, don’t even bother carrying it, weighs 18g and looks cool but honestly really is just a card! - It’s a bit like all those people who put daft embossed fancy number plates on their cars, just vanity!

I think the Tymit card looks kinda smart to be fair to them, the printed number on the back, understated front, looks far better than some which are far more ‘traditional’…


In the grand scheme of things, not really. I like the design but the quality is not there.

Compared to which cards?

Virgin money, hsbc, amex, curve, monzo, starling … like I said, I like the design, its just the physical quality that let’s it down (or let’s my card down).

I do remember a while back, Monzo had issues with the manufacturing quality of some of there cards.

So what exactly is it that lets it down?

I’ve compared it to some of mine, can’t see your gripe!

Other than Revolut Metal it’s far better than some cards, printed not embossed, minimalist front design, stylish rear design, perfectly comparable weight & flexibility…

It’s a card for crying out loud, nowadays the only person likely to even come into contact with it is you! - It’s not like it’s the only card issued by Wirecard.

If you want premium get a Metal card elsewhere… Tymit have said about a premium level, so who knows what that might hold.

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I love the tymit product, hence signing up for it, I like the card design especially the vertical layout and as mentioned elsewhere, the layout of the long number.

Comparing the card I received yesterday to my other plastic cards I have (and not my metal cards as this would be unfair), then my opinion is that the quality is not there. It is good news that this would appear to be an isolated occurrence.

Time will tell on how my card holds up and if my 1st impressions of the card quality was unfounded.

Have a great weekend tymit community.

How is the ‘quality not there’?

You keep saying this but not actually elaborating on it!

Having measured several cards including: Barclaycard Platinum, Barclays Connect, Natwest Debit, Revolut Standard, Revolut Pride and Tymit they all average 5 to 6g, the Tymit weights 6g. Thickness of the cards all average 0.815mm, with Tymit at this same 0.815mm average thickness across its width. Flexibility, well the ‘standard’ Revolut is definitely more flexible gripped top & bottom edges whilist the Tymit is slightly more rigid than the Barclaycard Platinum card. I could take it to work and do a proper force over deformation test but that might be overkill.

All in all the Tymit card is the same thickness, as potentially durable (neither too rigid nor too flimsy) plus is printed compared to embossed.

Right, your turn, back up your opinons with hard data/facts!


I think it’s rather nice! I really don’t understand what you are moaning about! Get a good card if it makes you feel better! :joy:

Maybe I have been spoilt in the past … :grimacing:

You still haven’t actually qualified your ‘in my humble opinion’ statements about the card, which you seen to be acting very strange about!

I suspect you haven’t actually got a Tymit card at all and that you work for a competitor, here to simply put people off applying.

You say maybe you have just been spoiled in the past but honestly none of the cards you quoted above are anything out of the ordinary.

You also say about the Metal cards, plural, few people have metal cards as few issuers provide them, chances of having multiple are generally fairly slim.

So fancy quantifying your previous statements on card quality? Or just going to make daft periodic nonsensical statements indefinitely?


I am afraid to disappoint, but I do not work for a competitor nor hear to put people off tymit, I like the product and card design hence why I signed up for it. I especially like the 3x payment @ 0% APR option. I am pleased with the credit limit I was given.

My original comment was regarding the quality of the card I received and not the product. The print quality on my card looks a little blurred, the chip is above the card surface in one corner and the edges of the card not particularly smooth when compared to other cards I have which include: Starling Bank, Starling Bank Business, Monzo Plus, HSBC Debit and Credit, HSBC Business, Virgin Money & Virgin Atlantic, Amex Platinum (Metal) & Curve Investor (Metal).

But like you said, its only a card :+1:

Have a great week tymit community

Sounds like yours isn’t quite right then. Slipped through the quality control!

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I didn’t think the quality of my card was that great. Just saying…:grinning: