Card Declined on PayPal

While trying to pay for a purchase via PayPal my Tymit card was declined on all 3 attempts.

I wanted to split the cost over 3 months (it’s the only reason I kept the card after the greedy interest rate hike) but ended up just having to use my debit card to complete the purchase.

At the moment I’m now struggling to think of a reason to even have this card anymore.

Those who have been around a while will know I used to be a keen Tymit customer who helped out on the forum regularly but after having my interest rate rocket from 15.9% to 22+% last I looked I’m feeling very disappointed with Tymit.

Customer services gave me some nonsense about quasi-cash lol I was buying a mobile phone for goodness sake.

It’s good that customer services actually get back to customers in a reasonable time now however if they are just going to give a random excuse what is the point? I would rather wait 5 days for an actual and factual answer like the good old Tymit days.

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Wow I just checked my interest rate and it’s a whopping 23.6% you must be having a laugh.

When did Tymit turn into payday lenders, I’d be as well getting the dodgy provident guy round!

This has serious went downhill, just reaffirmed that it was a correct decision to stop using the card last year.

I’ll be doing some grouting soon so it might still come in handy I guess :thinking:

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I completely agree Billy. I’ve recently asked Tymit to instigate a chargeback after a retailer refused me a refund. Tymit said they wouldn’t process the chargeback because the retailer’s T&C’s say they don’t give refunds.

They are completely oblivious to a consumer’s right to change their mind and that T&C’s don’t override the law. (The purchase was not anything that is stipulated as an exception, such as for hygienic reasons like underwear or earrings etc).

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Yes they are going downhill very quickly, not that they were ever at the top of the hill tbh.

Getting a quick response means nothing if they haven’t looked at your request correctly and just gave you a copy/paste style reply.

They should uphold your consumer rights regardless but I guess they will just say you agreed to the terms and conditions when placing your order. But I do see your point if it’s against consumer rights they should challenge that not simply say no refunds and that’s that.

They are supposed to look out for their customers but lately I feel they just want every penny they can get from us and also want to dictate what you can and what you can’t spend your own hard earned cash on.

I’ve got a partner for that and I don’t need a half baked credit card company chipping in as well.

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