Card in credit now not working and not replying!

I have put more money on my card than I owed and now the card is not working and I have had no response!! There is nearly £300 of my money I cant access and you are not replying to my messages for 2 weeks!!!

Hi @kim can you explain what you mean by “not working”? Is it declining in store or online? Are you unable to login to the app?

Ensure you have location security switched off and try your payment again after a few minutes to see if that helps.

Further information could help resolve your problem by this community :slight_smile:

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It is declining in store and online and they contacted me saying my bank had contacted them about payments and I spoke to my bank and they haven’t. If it isnt resolved by next week I will have to report to the FSA

My location security is not on.

Who is they in this example @kim ?

Are you trying both Chip & PIN and contactless?

Yep both not working declines and its 300 in credit