Card not working for online payments, need help!

I tried paying for purchase on Klarna but the card declined. I also tried paying the mechanic and it declined. I had to use my other credit card for payment.
Since I activated my card on the app, I have only used it once at a restaurant for payment. At the time, I tried paying contactless but it declined then I entered the pin and it worked. I still have credit on the card but I don’t get why it is not working. Any advice would help.

I would recommend opening a ticket in the app and asking for someone to look into your account if it is still not working.

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I think you can only use debit cards on Klana due to not being allowed to pay credit with credit

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Yeah just seen it on google, thanks.

It doesn’t answer why the cards declining at the mechanic. There’s also a few other card declining threads. Still might be worth touching base with customer service to make sure everything is okay

Could be due to location based security

Location based was interfering with mine last year. Turned off and it was fine. I’m dubious about that function as according to my phone Tymit app has never requested any location data!

I remembered reading this many moons ago and being certain I’d paid Klarna with a (non-Tymit) credit card a couple of years ago. It was the only time I’d ever used Klarna. If I remember rightly I paid with Tandem for the cashback.

Anyway, new phone time has come. Mine’s been acting up for a bit, so found myself a winter sale deal and was offered Pay-in-3 from Klarna.

As an experiment that I sort of doubted would work, I decided to enter my Tymit card details to pay…

…and Hey, Presto it worked just fine.

So I guess I’m buying my new phone over 5 months interest free. Win!