Card Stolen - No Response From Customer Service


On Friday evening/Early hours of Saturday morning, I, unfortunately, had my phone and wallet stolen. It took me 6 hours to get home and only then was I able to access a computer. After shutting all my bank cards down, I was seriously surprised to find out it’s impossible to lock/deactivate your Tymit card without having access to a mobile phone.

After managing to find and set up an old phone I had and regaining access to the app, I managed to change my code and lock the card. However, the thieves still managed to rack up a seriously high amount of credit. After being seriously distraught, worried and confused, I tried contacting Tymit for advice and after leaving several messages as well as emails I still have not had any response.

Has anyone here had any sort of luck with Tymit’s CS? I’m seriously, seriously worried about the debt they’ve racked up to the point that I’m struggling to sleep and you would think that they would have someone on the phones or emails ready to respond to such a serious matter. I go on holiday in two weeks and I really would like to iron this issue out ASAP and get a new card, if even at all possible.

Also, some feedback to Tymit, create some sort of online portal, please! What are people meant to do if they get their phones stolen and have 0 back-ups?


Sorry to hear about your situation Tymit do have a 24/7 number for last and stolen cards it’s 02038568630 maybe give them a call and explain your situation

Thanks for the concern dude. I’ve tried calling them about 3 times and not getting through to anyone unfortunately, have left 3 messages.

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That’s stage I would of thought that would be the number they always answer! I’ll take a few of the staff in the hope that they can help @mike.brozowski @Oisin @Pipo are you able to take this up?

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Really appreciate your help on this dude!

Yes, I would have thought that too but it literally says “Please leave a message as you will not be able to speak to an advisor on this call” and I was just a bit like, brilliant heh.

Hopefully some of the staff you’ve tagged will be able to advise.

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What sort of transactions were they? I assume they didn’t know your PIN?

They were loads of vouchers, food shops, clothes, that kind of thing. They didn’t but they somehow figured it out, unfortunately! These guys were professional.

I can only speak from my experience with other card providers and a general understanding of the rules relating to card misuse and theft. I don’t claim to be a lawyer!

But generally (I had a card skimmed several years ago and transactions started appearing from all over the world), you won’t be held liable for any transactions that were not authorised by you. There is a possible exception for if you somehow acted negligently and ‘enabled’ the fraudulent transactions, but that’s very to prove.

All of the protections that are in place around credit cards favour customers who are innocent victims of fraud. You really shouldn’t have anything to worry about on that score.

But being unable to contact Tymit especially on the stolen card number is a different story. I can see how that would be worrying, even with the knowledge that you can’t be held liable.

However, if push came to shove, it would actually work in your favour.

From my own experience, Tymit customer service is somewhere between useless and non existent. When you do get in contact with someone, they are often poorly trained and unhelpful.

So whether you get a replacement card in time for your holiday, I wouldn’t like to predict (wish you all the best though!) but you should try to rest easy about the fraud. When you are the innocent victim and especially when you’ve done everything you possibly can to report it and they have been unresponsive, they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if they tried to hold you responsible.

Make sure you keep a record of all the attempts you’ve made to contact them.

I wouldn’t like to make a guess how long it will take for them to sort it all out, but the law is on your side. If you’ve done nothing wrong, you can’t be held accountable for a single penny of the debt accrued in your name. So sayeth the Consumer Credit Act!

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Chake, I can’t begin to tell you how much better you’ve made me feel! This is my first experience ever with a credit card, I’ve used it for only the past 2 months so Im very new to this. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comment, I know you are only speaking from experience but it has really put my mind at ease and I hadn’t even thought about how their response time only acts in my favour, in hindsight.

Thank you SO much for contributing to this post, honestly.


No problem Jamie. Glad you feel better.

You should try to think about how they might have gotten your PIN. Could someone have been watching you when you made an earlier transaction? Did you use your card at an ATM? There are all questions that are likely to be asked.

If you haven’t already, make sure you report it to the police and get a crime number.

You’ve not mentioned so far how the theft happened (I know these things can be really shocking and leave feeling pretty disoriented), but just make sure you do everything to have what happened on file and recorded. Nowadays with the prevalence of CCTV, I would imagine some of the places where your card was used might have recordings of the transactions. The police would be able to get these recordings if you tell them exactly where and when your card was used to confirm it wasn’t you.

Sadly, the police are unlikely to follow these things up, but again, if you’ve reported it and they do nothing, that’s not your problem.

As a separate issue, as a new credit card user, you should be aware that there are other advantages to paying by credit card set out by the Consumer Credit Act.

One of them is that you have more protection on purchases over £100 than you would have if pay by any other method.

Say you buy a flight or holiday, then the company goes bust. If you’re not covered by travel insurance you can ask any card provider (including a debit card) to attempt a ‘chargeback’ to see if you can get your money back that way. But if the company is broke and has no money in its merchant account, you would have to suffer the loss if you paid by debit card. But when you pay by credit card, there is an extra layer of protection. Your credit card provider (i.e. Tymit) has to refund you and they suffer the loss, not you.

While my experience with Tymit is that their customer service, or abject lack of it, is dreadful, the 3 months interest free is a pretty big first for the UK and using credit cards can be very useful in a number of ways, from improving your credit score to helping your budgeting too.

I hope you get the matter sorted. Knowing Tymit, it will probably take longer than it should, but it ought to work out in the end!

Thanks Chake,

To be frank there’s no way they saw me type a pin as I used my phone to pay for everything that night, there was no need to put a pin anywhere. I’m still wondering how they got through the biometric lock on my phone. They also managed to get into all of my emails and change all of my passwords but luckily I managed to recover everything and lock them out. The only thing they properly managed to attack was my Tymit card.

I’ve reported it to the police as well as the Action Fraud authority and have both references. I’ve supplied the police with all of the locations where the transactions took place, fingers crossed they look into it but at this point, I just want to know what’s going on with Tymit.

Thanks for giving me some more information about the Consumer Credit Act, I wasn’t aware. The 3 months credit free was the entire reason I got this card as there have been a couple of hard months where Tymit has been a real lifeline.

Anyway, here’s to hoping Tymit get in contact soon and I can resolve the issue. Thanks again Chake, you’ve really put my mind at ease and given me a lot of positive things to think about. Hope you have a nice evening :slight_smile:

I’m really shocked and concerned about your experience with trying to contact Tymit about your stolen credit card. Whilst I have known for some time that Tymit customer service is very poor, I would have thought that they would have been better for this sort of thing.

It would be good to hear the response from someone from Tymit about this and what, if anything they are doing to improve customer service.

It may be that decent CS is too expensive for them at the moment and it may be a while before this can properly be implemented. But there should be someone to answer the phone if a card is lost/stolen.

It’s crazy! I just consider myself lucky that I had an old phone I was able to set up and use to actually lock the card because otherwise, the thieves would still be running amuck!

They’ve just replied to my tweet asking me to DM them my details, which I’d already done!!! Crazy, absolutely crazy.

Hello guys!

Just an update here, they’ve replied to my emails after reaching out on Twitter. I’ve detailed all the unauthorised transactions and their Customer Service rep has said the relevant team are looking into it and will be in touch.

Fingers crossed.


Any update, Jamie?

Did you get anywhere with sorting the fraudulent transactions on your account?

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say as of a few days ago, Tymit very kindly resolved the issue and reimbursed me in full. Whilst they took an absurd amount of time to respond to my initial ticket, I found them to be very accommodating in the end.

Whilst they looked into the matter, they made sure to freeze the fraudulent transactions so that I could pay my bill in time without having any impact on my credit score or having to front the money whilst they investigated. They also made sure to send me an update every week or so just to say they were still investigating.

So all in all, I’m left quite satisfied but I still think an online portal would be of great help for when people find themselves in similar situations.


Hi All

If you are a booster customer and this happens to you, you can immediately withdraw all of your security deposit from Tymit app and the card will not work.

Or just lock the card in app