Cash withdrawal issues

Has anyone experienced issues with ATM cash withdrawals?
I was trying to withdraw £100 as a test, but keep getting the message “insufficient funds” I did a balance check and the balance was showing as zero when there is actually plenty available.
I thought it might have been the atm but tried another one today and got the same message. Though today my balance shows as -£5 as I’d spent £5 at the shop.
Just wondering if anyone else had come across this?
I’ve emailed customer support so will see what they say :grin:

Due to how the eWallet works, the balance will always show zero at a cash machine.

I haven’t had any issues withdrawing cash myself.

Do you have Tymit Booster or regular Tymit?

I have the regular Tymit with a decent limit. I was sure I’d withdrawn cash on it before but a while ago. So wasn’t sure if something had changed.

I also have regular Tymit, and withdraw cash on Saturday, so still works.

so i tried it this morning at Halifax, still got error, then tried it at Lloyds next door just to see and it worked!
i think for me, it depends on the ATM!

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It could be the ATM being offline or not accepting cards. I’m glad you were successful :slight_smile:

I’ve only withdrawn money off my Tymit card twice. One £60 and one £20. I’ve never had any issues. So it could be an issue with the ATM or ATM provider.

As far as I’m aware. The credit balance will always show as £0 or - because you are not in credit and when you withdraw or use money off the card then you’re not actually using your money, you’re using money “borrowed to you” by Tymit. The only time you would see an amount over £0 is if you had overpaid your card and had a balance. That would then be “your money” and you’d be in credit.

Hi, does anyone know whether the £200 per month limit means per calendar month or per billing cycle please? Thanks

I would assume billing cycle however it would be just that, an assumption not based on any fact but seems the logical answer.

For a definite answer I would contact support in app or email

Please update us all when you get a firm answer on it though as it may be useful to others.

when i emailed them about my issues, i was told that the amount resets on the 1st of the month.

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Perfect, thanks for that @Mslmc