Cash Withdrawal up to £200

Hi @Martin - in post below you mentioned

I genuinely didn’t know about this and it’s brilliant. However it’s not listed in my credit agreement, in particular under the fees section (unless I am missing it somewhere).

Can I also confirm, you won’t report cash withdrawals of up to £200 a month to the CRA e.g Experian?

Correct, we are not reporting to Experian (or any other CRA) the cash advance activity. The reason is now we keep it to a small amount with the aim of helping customers deal with emergency needs for cash. We are monitoring how people use it, and if they find it valuable.

Given that is experimental, we have not included it in the contract yet, it is advertised in our website and the plan is to keep offering it indefinitely if people use it wisely and is valuable.



That sucks brilliant Martin, thank you. This feature I genuinely didn’t know about and I think it will do exactly as you hope, fluctuate opportunity for those needing cash in small quantities.

I was unfortunate / lucky enough in the early days of Curve testing to trigger their fraud systems due to cash recycling. I was basically taking out £200 a week via my credit card to earn air miles, stick it in a bank, and pay the bill in full with the cash. :airplane: :credit_card: :pound:

I won’t be doing that again.

  1. I meant “that’s so brilliant” not “that sucks brilliant” above.

  2. I withdrew cash of £200 today just to test this. It would be great to have an ATM category rather than Tymit using “other” and also, prepending ATM to the name.

I have renamed the transaction but ideally you can make a category for this :slight_smile:

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Hey, Guys
Does Tymit still allow the £200 cash withdrawel fee free without reporting it as a cash advance to CRA?

Just asking because the limit shows in the Terms on the website just not sure how its reported to Credit Reference Agencys :slight_smile:

They don’t report this to the CRA for £200 or less. Above that it is reported but I’m not sure if just the value over £200 or the whole.


Ah sweet. Thanks @jase


What a great idea allowing £200 cash withdrawal without any fees. Every other cc I’ve had always try and sting you for cash withdrawals so this is a refreshing change.


Very handy in an emergency!

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It’s really useful. I’ve used it to top up cash in my ‘grab bag’ in case of emergencies. I took some out when I needed cash and now have replaced it.

They are monitoring usage overtime to ensure nobody falls fowl of cash recycling or dangerous use of cash from credit, but occasional use should be fine.


Yes @dudesuper1982 and @jase I can see it being very handy in an emergency. Something I would hope to not need but reassuring to know it’s there should the need arise.

My current or should I say previous cc charges 2.99% for cash withdrawals minimum £3 charge, I’ve never had to use it but good to know if I do need to now I won’t be facing extra charges for the privilege.


Excellent Billy! :slight_smile:

Tbh, I think it would be better as a £200 cumulative facility over, say, three months, if it’s really for emergency cash. That would make it a real “emergency” feature and keep down the cost for tymit

I disagree, mostly because I am using this frequently currently as I need to build up a small store of cash.

But also one persons emergency is different to another. Plus, Tymit aren’t too bothered about the cost so let’s not give anyone ideas… :wink:

Ha! Sure

I was thinking more of sustainability. It’s not a good look to start with generous features, only to have to rein them in down the line

I don’t see much difference for Tymit if I spend £200 in a shop or online compared to taking it out of a cash machine. They still need to cover that £200 either way.

Personally I stay away from cash withdrawal on a credit card mainly due to fees involved with traditional credit cards. I don’t really think £200 a month is excessive for emergency use and at least you won’t get stung with fees.

The difference is cost. Tymit will be charged a lot more at the cash machine then the interchange fees on a card transaction!

Ah ok I thought it would be the same. How much more would Tymit get charged on a cash withdrawal of £200 compared to a card transaction?

Nice question

It might be better answered by someone from Tymit. The bottom line though is that Tymit will be charged a lot more for ATM withdrawals than POS transactions

The difference is that for cash withdrawals it will simply be a flat fee whereas general processing is either percentage based or variable on volume expectations and seasonality.

Tymit shouldn’t reveal what they pay but let’s just say a bad deal from experience is anything 75p and above. Laughable really.