Cash Withdrawal up to £200

Hi @Martin - in post below you mentioned

I genuinely didn’t know about this and it’s brilliant. However it’s not listed in my credit agreement, in particular under the fees section (unless I am missing it somewhere).

Can I also confirm, you won’t report cash withdrawals of up to £200 a month to the CRA e.g Experian?

Correct, we are not reporting to Experian (or any other CRA) the cash advance activity. The reason is now we keep it to a small amount with the aim of helping customers deal with emergency needs for cash. We are monitoring how people use it, and if they find it valuable.

Given that is experimental, we have not included it in the contract yet, it is advertised in our website and the plan is to keep offering it indefinitely if people use it wisely and is valuable.


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That sucks brilliant Martin, thank you. This feature I genuinely didn’t know about and I think it will do exactly as you hope, fluctuate opportunity for those needing cash in small quantities.

I was unfortunate / lucky enough in the early days of Curve testing to trigger their fraud systems due to cash recycling. I was basically taking out £200 a week via my credit card to earn air miles, stick it in a bank, and pay the bill in full with the cash. :airplane: :credit_card: :pound:

I won’t be doing that again.