Charged twice for ATM withdrawal

Hello everyone I have the Tymit booster card and went to withdraw £50 from the atm machine but got the message insufficient funds. I then made a 2nd attempt and that went through ok. But having looked at the app Tymit have charged me for the failed 1st attempt. I hope this can be resolved as I don’t want to pay an extra £50 charge that shouldn’t be there…

Hello Chrissym,

Once the ATM recognises no cash was dispensed the charge should automatically reverse, some ATMs do this instantly however others might do it at the end of the banking day.

It might be worth opening a ticket in the Tymit app just in case :+1:. Dont worry. These things are thought about and cash machines are clever :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply James I’ll keep an eye on my account and hopefully the charge drops off.

Hi @Chrissym - I think you should raise a ticket with support if you haven’t already as this is mostly a user forum.

If you haven’t yet, ping an email over to

Hi Jase I sent them a message around an hour ago so just waiting on a reply

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