Check your bills, folks!

I logged in to the app the other day and when I swiped right to look at the 4-month graph, I realised that the figure showing for this month’s bill on the graph was different from the headline amount at first log in.

I added up all my transactions for this month’s bill and found the amount shown on the graph is correct and the “Your November Bill is….” amount is incorrect. The difference is just over £1 and I’ve not made any transaction (or instalment) of that amount.

I contacted customer services and was pleased to get a fairly swift reply (just over 26h), saying that they are at a loss to explain it and are “investigating”. They also added that they have had no other reports of this happening.

Then again, I think I was fairly eagle-eyed to have spotted it. Why would I not trust the app to correctly tell me the amount of my bill?

And what if I paid the amount? Would it clear my bill, even though the total of my transactions is actually £1-odd more?

If you’d have told me 20 years ago that it was remotely possible for a credit card company’s systems, even with the technology of the time, to incorrectly add a handful of transactions, I would’ve laughed in your face.

Yet somehow, Tymit have managed it. :exploding_head:

It makes me want to go back and add up every transaction on every bill since I opened my account. How can I trust Tymit with my finances when they can’t do something as elemental to banking as perform simple addition?

So if you want to be sure your Tymit bill is correct, I suggest you get your calculator out!


It’s this kind of thing that really undermines what Tymit is doing. It suggests some very shoddy programming that they can’t identify, which is pretty worrying

My bill adds up to the penny and always has.

The only exception to this was one month it was £1 out, This was simply due to PayPal not refunding properly after adding the card to my PayPal account.

This was fairly obvious looking at the transaction feed and Tymit resolved the issue before the bill was due to be paid.

It’s a bit worrying if the transactions add up to one amount and the bill another, even such a small amount so hopefully Tymit get to the bottom of it for you.

I hope this is just a one off and Tymit manage to resolve the issue promptly for you.

Yeah this is worrying.