Chip&pin activation doesn't work

Hi. I changed my Tymit card pin number shortly after receiving it. Then I made a couple of purchases online.

In order to activate the contactlessness of the card, I understand I have to pay for something over £5 in value using chip and pin. I have attempted this three times with no success.
I noticed on my 2nd and 3rd attempts (in different shops on different days), the card machine said “2nd pin attempt” and “Last pin attempt” respectively. Therefore, I believe the card seems to remember the previous pin code but hasn’t registered the new one. Have I missed out a step somewhere or is this a problem on Tymit’s side?
Many thanks for any help you can give me.

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Hey @flaneur Jeremy welcome to the community. The best way to set a new PIN is to use an online machine, such as an ATM. This will programme the new PIN to your card.

Many POS devices are offline, meaning they are just checking the PIN matches that programmed to the card. It seems you used offline devices that failed to validate to the card Secure Enclave.

You may need to get in touch with support if your card is now blocked.

When you can use it again, use an ATM and you will reprogramme the chip with your new PIN.

As far as I recall, I just used the Tymit mobile app to change my PIN. If I insert it in an ATM, it’ll just expect the original pin number that I don’t have, correct?
How do I go about contacting support? I looked at the bottom of the Tymit homepage, but it just directed me here.
Thanks for taking out time to respond.

Hi @flaneur just to confirm the correct procedure is changing the pin in app then heading to a ATM and using the NEW pin you set in app.

As Jase said this will update the chip with the new pin. You don’t need to withdraw cash just a simple balance enquiry will do.

Then you need to do a chip and pin transaction to activate the card for contactless payments.

If the card has already been blocked with entering an incorrect pin number you will need to contact support, you can do this in app but you won’t receive a response over the weekend I’m afraid.

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You can email or raise a ticket in the app.

If you are using iOS, click the person icon on the bottom right, then under help you can email or raise a ticket.

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