"Choose your preferred ID" - App Crashing and reverting back

i am a new customer and i am trying to register by submitting my preffered ID.
i am using my driving licence, and when i click upload image (no errors saying image isnt clear) i then click upload photo, then it reverts back to the “choose your preferred ID” again.

i cant get past that screen no matter what option i pick!

im using an iPhone 11 Pro, camera quality was nice and clear so dont think it was rejecting the picture.

Hi @JMdeakin,
Looks like you having a signup issue, have you contacted support via email about this, if not do so now. I will tag the Tymit staff to escalate for you.

@Oisin @mike.brozowski are you able to assist Jack?

Thank you.
Still no solution to the issue I’m having which is stopping me from signing up.

Do you have the email address to contact them directly?

I can now get a picture of the front of the ID, and the back of the ID, and then take a “selfie” to prove my identity, but then it crashes and takes me back to the original page where I have to select my preferred method.

Hi Jack,
Contact them via support@tymit.com

Support has been less than helpful. There seems no answer to the failure to upload photos of ID or selfie. Why won’t support return emails? Is this supposed to be customer support Tymit?

I wouldn’t expect them to reply on a weekend but if you have emailed during the week then hopefully you can get a response soon.

It could be they have a backlog due to a volume of users joining or a technical issue with their provider for ID&V/AML checks.

Are you able to delete the app and re-attempt?

Thanks for your most helpful email. This matter has been ongoing for a week and I have taken your advice; deleted the app and restarted my iPhone on numerous occasions all to no avail. Hope somebody in Tymit contacts me soon

i have done this also, i have deleted numerous times and tried almost every other approach!

still no answer other than an email saying “we are looking into this…”