Closing My Account Down

Trying to close my Tymit account down is proving to be a challange. Now you want my bank statements to give me a refund, which i’ve not heard of before.

You can see from my app the account from which i’ve deposited money, and now you want proof.

This is a joke, I would like to speak to a supervisor, which is near impossible. This service is a joke, and waste of £9.95 a month.

Moshin, keeps changing the goal post of closing my account down, i’m in credit, of £3.00 and you want a bank statement to give me that back, why not move that to my account and I withdraw it.???

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Hi Alex, sorry to hear you are having problems closing your account. If you are in credit, why not buy something for £3, at the end of the month you should have a £0 balance and then you can request the account is closed?

It will likely for be AML (Anti Money Laundering) reasons to ensure the money returned is to the same source of origin.

Returning a partial payment is unlikely to be possible with most banks so they probably can’t just return part of a payment you made.

Additionally the account used for credit limit vs payment are segregated from each other as they are for different purposes which is why it’s unlikely to be possible to move between these.

Either way, I’m sure you’ll get some help from the support desk to resolve this.

I’m in the same position I want to close the account too !! I’ve contacted what you call a customer service via the app which is about as helpful as a slug !!! So I will like this cancelled ASAP

I suggest you speak nicely to him he seems to be a gentleman he is only doing his Job, I’m sorry my man

If you read half the threads on here the customer service has been awful. Don’t appreciate suggestions of being nice,…or else? I’ve closed the account down. Be very wise with you words!

I wouldn’t know him, via an email or text, its nice to speak to someone on the phone…thats true customer service!!!

@jase Wow this community is falling apart, please delete me from this!

@Alex I have no idea why you are referencing me. I don’t work for Tymit, nearly everyone on this community is a customer.

You can delete your community account in your preferences if you wish to leave it.

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OP & any other users that want to close your account. Open a ticket in the app asking for your account to be closed. Wait patiently for someone to get to your ticket.

Tips to get things sorted faster!

  • Dont open more than one ticket
  • Send a follow up email to after 5 working days if you have not had a response

Lets keep it civil. Feedback can be given to Tymit via the in-app chat aswell :slight_smile: