Complaint awful avoid Tymit

I closed my account last week due to multiple issues.

Advised I wanted to make a complaint, Fedi stated id be contacted yesterday or today at latest - clearly shes a liar for the company as that hasnt happened.

So when the time limit now expires this matter will go to the FOS and I hope Tymit enjoy paying every penny of £750 to them for the case fee.

Absolutely disgraceful company, who lie and clearly either lose ID documents or are so slack they can’t remember what they have and have not done.

Btw Tymit, I be telling the FOS I’m claiming £250 compensation from the issues I’ve had with you, the romoval of the account and credit search from my credit report and also total deletion of my personal details under the DPA - you bunch of con artists.

Just to warn you, ignoring me and not dealing with my complaint wont stop this going to the FOS, 15 days and ticking and so far you’ve used half those up.

@Fedi one for you to respond to

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She responded via message 3 days ago.
Told me that I’d be contacted that day or the latest the following day, neither happened and still hasn’t.

Empty promises, or rather lies.

I opened the account in September, got asked for ID which I supplied.

Hadn’t used the card, didn’t even make any payments with it - the card wouldn’t activate.
I complained, and in retaliation they responded telling me they wanted my ID again, keeping in mind less than 4 weeks since I provided it before.

No bank or credit provider asks for ID twice in 4 weeks, yet they claimed it was compliance and required by law - incorrect, KYC checks don’t happen every few weeks.

I told them to close the account, then someone called Dana, whom clearly hasn’t a clue, asked me for ID again even though Fedi closed my account and raised my complaint.

Now radio silence.

Tymit is a joke and I’d be very careful using them - what have they done with my previous ID documents?
I could save the ID and submit the same photo, this does not prove identity nor KYC - I’m on the ER, card sent to my address, and I was a previous customer last year during Beta and they even admitted they knew that as I used my same details.

They didn’t like me complaining my card wouldn’t activate, they claimed it was active and closed the ticket - I told them again it wasn’t then they ask for ID 3 and a half weeks after the previous time.

I strongly suggest someone from management, CEO office contacts me pretty quickly, or I take this further and start legal action along with SAR Tymit to see what rubbish they have on the database about my account.

I expect compensation, I want compensation, I want the search carried out and account off my credit file as now this would damage it, a card open less than 4 weeks!
I want my details erased under GDPR/DPA and I want a full apology.

If I get any less expect me to take this to small claims for the inconvenience and any lose this causes me on my credit report, I’m not messing here.

I also publicly expose this trash can company across my socials which I have over 100k combined across various platforms.

Fedi, you are a liar and I have the proof right here where I post it to show you are, latest by Friday, Saturday now and still not a peep from complaints or anyone for that matter - which conveniently are closed now it’s the weekend.

Finally, another day closer to this going to the FOS with or without your response, and I take great pleasure in costing Tymit the £750 that FOS charge, a few less coffees for sitting writing trash you can’t back up

Monday midday and still not a single word from Tymit.
Thats okay, another few days closer to the FOS involvement.

Thanks for tagging me in this @dudesuper1982

I really do understand your frustration David and you have every right to complaint here or to FOS.

I’ve spoken with our Complaints department and passed on your feedback. Sometimes there are delays and I can only apologise that we haven’t sent a message last week but today instead.

As much as I understand how frustrating this situation is for you, I’d like to mention that I did my best to help with your query and I feel that calling me a liar isn’t very nice. There are some actions outside of my control and this is one of them.

I really hope that this will get sorted immediately for you David. :pray: