Complaint timescales

I have been waiting for an update on my complaint for over 3 months!

Surely I should of have a written response as to why it’s been over 8 weeks and telling me I can go to the ombudsman?

Good to see you back @Jamesj015 shame it’s under these circumstances though.

I don’t know what the legal requirements are really but wow 3 months! I know the cogs turn slowly round here but didn’t imagine anyone would be kept hanging for that long.

I’m assuming you’ve chased it up and it’s not just been forgotten about? Damn 3 months :frowning_face:

Emailed loads and had no reply :frowning:

Thank you. Didn’t even realise I could re activate my account but I could

It’s a shame you are not getting any response, I wonder if @Oisin is still around or @Alastair-PM to look at it.

I haven’t seen any Tymit staff on the forum lately though so not sure if tagging will help any.

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The FCA require that you have a reply within 8 weeks, I believe also that they are required to log all complaints and these should be available for inspection if needed. I would make a complaint to the ombudsman anyway, the FCA say you can if the 8 weeks has passed.

I’m patient let’s see if I can get some momentum first

@Oisin I’m back :wave: please can you ask your team to look into my complaint please & provide me with a final response. It’s waaaaaaaay overdue

I just got my final response… and would you believe it. They did not even address my complaint. They addressed one point.

Unbelievable honestly. I’ve asked for it to be escalated now and I’m going to see if I can find the email for Martin. Exhausted with this process now