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My Husband has become really unwell with Mental health illnesses and had a breakdown, and Tymit have not been helpful at all, we have sent medical evidence and requested help and all they care about is money.

Be careful if you fall ill or need any assistance as they don’t care.

We are complaining to the Ombudsman and FCA and they don’t care all they keep going on about is money.
They will not provide any formal response and avoid all questions and concerns.

God forbid any one else on this group gets a serious illness or needs Financial help at any point as Tymit will not care.

Avoid Tymit at all cost as soon as you need any help they will just want the money and provide no help.



This forum is not a good place.

You have made it clear you need “Financial help”, the app allows you to spread cast over a period of time and I fail to understand the “Financial” help you need.

The thing about marriage, you help each other out, it is the ultimate welfare blanket where you support and help each other especially if one falls ill.

IF you are expecting Tymit to automatically write off the debt based on a doctors letter, it is not going to happen. In marriage you share each other assets as such you also share each other’s liabilities, the simple fact is you are fit and healthy and even able and time to write a complaint to the FCA.

From a google search, I cannot see any regulation which says a company most write off the debts due to an illness, if that was the case every credit card provider would be demanding our medical records before opening an account.

Tymit has only been around for just under a year, offers a low credit limit, low interest as such it is likely the debt owned will be a small and manageable amount even for one person. Legally, the only help Tymit may provide is point you to these government debt management schemes, charities and welfare but not to write off the debt. (Again please point to relevant regulations if I am wrong)

If it is the case you simply taking ownership of the account, then ignore the last few paragraphs.

IF you need help and Tymit legally has to provide you help (which I believe is not the case) then write to Tymit by letter special delivery. FCA will not help unless you have made a request with Tymit directly in writing and they have not responded reasonably in 30 days.

Also looks at for these government debt schemes, charities and also universal tax credits if you are struggling. If you don’t have the money, then don’t pay the bill and explain this to Tymit, they have an invested interest to help as getting some of their money back is better than getting none at all. Always pay what you can afford (outside food, housing and heating).

If you fail to reach an agreement with Tymit, or fail to pay your bills it will have a major impact on your credit rating, but it is not as if you plan to obtain more credit.

Tymit could go to court at their expense, however, the cost of the court fees are likely to be more than what the debt is worth. Assuming you have no physical assets it is not as if the debt can be recovered.

However, morally people should be legally liable for what they borrow but also providers need to be careful who they lend too. If there are issues it should be sorted out between the parties, via arbitration and finally by the courts.


Also to point out, you could argue the “liability” is not under your name but if it is not paid, it will equally have an impact on your credit rating especially IF you share the same surname. So the impact on his credit rating will equally have the same impact on yours.

To be fair to the OP, I didn’t read anything that said they were expecting Tymit to write off the debt. All lenders encourage customers that are struggling to contact them as there are a range of things they can do to help. This includes suspending interest accrual, lowering monthly minimum payments or suspending repayments for a period of time. If Tymit are refusing to engage with the customer then that is extremely bad practice. At the very least they should have issued a final response so that the customer can go to the FOS with their complaint.

I completely agree, as a bare minimum the company should be helping the OP set up a payment plan, freeze interest (which is what the FCA guidlines suggest for struggling customers) or a Payment Holiday (which has been the most popular during Cvd19).

I hope you get something sorted soon with them!

We’re really sorry to hear that your husband has become unwell and we can assure you that here at Tymit our customers are our main priority. While we can’t discuss specifics, we don’t feel that this is a true representation as we had offered alternatives to reach a solution that would work for you and your husband. I know that our team have since been in touch with an outcome. We wish you all the best.

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@Iqra I guess the point here is simple: Tymit customer service should be able to read through emotions and address customer problem even when the solution is not a Tymit problem.

I have not financial troubles, yet a lot of troubles in reaching and dealing with customer support (which also prompted me to raise an account closure request… still pending somewhere in the cloud). The only way to get in touch with you, even in urgent or complex cases, is the email. You do not always answer in a timely-manner and most of times you do not provide any solution or anything similar to a solution. You do not have a process for dealing with customers and you treat an app bug notification and a thousand pound fraud in the same way.

That’s not acceptable. Fact you’re a newco, startup and still rather new in the sector is not an excuse you can call out to justify lack of proper customer management.