Confusion over payment

Hi guys,

Quick questions.

I made a payment of around £477 on 22nd May when It advised me this was what I needed to pay for June bill.

I paid it then booked some flights same day.

Now it wants me to pay the bill again even though it was already paid? Should the flights not be on the July bill?

I would email support but whenever I have it’s taken days for a response so would rather post here so they can deal with more pressing issues.

The Billing end date is about the 26th of the month. All purchases before that are due in the month after so 26th May due on 7th June.

The running total which states your June Bill keeps adding on until the 26th when it Become final.

So the flights you booked on the 22nd are due by the 7th June.

Hope that helps- might not be the answer you want though!!

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