Conversations do not appear in MyTickets

Had to contact customer services because my card never arrived - something to do with Tymit having an incomplete address for me, which is odd because the application process uses postal file address validation and I confirmed it was correct.

But from the moment of sending the query (I got an email confirmation of receipt), none of the conversation has been visible in the MyTickets section of the app.

Am I missing something?

I also agree with others about the length of time Tymit’s customer service takes to respond being poor.

We are all aware of the problems caused by the situation in the world these days, but the ticket system should prioritise things like missing card enquiries because there are potential security/fraud implications.

App version 1.13.1 on iOS 14.4.2

Hi @chake54

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

You’ve raised two very good points and points that we are actively working on. There is an issue with ticket visibility in our app at the moment, so you may not see the ticket that you just created :man_facepalming:

This should be fixed early next month. Part of this work is to also allow customers to triage their query, so instead of just a free-text field you would select ‘Card No Arrived’, asked to confirm how long it’s been and then we would receive the issue with all the details to hand to action it quickly.

We do have a bit of a backlog at the moment, too, but are currently onboarding new agents and hope that this will have a positive impact in the coming weeks on response times.

Let me know if that helps. If you would like to DM me your email, I can take a look at any outstanding tickets for you and get them looked at quickly.

Many thanks

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Thanks for the reply @mike.brozowski

I’m glad to hear the issue is known about.

Could I make a suggestion that Tymit have something on the community along the lines of “Bugs we’re currently squashing”.

It would be reassuring to be able to come here and see a list of things the team are already working on…

There is a bugs category that is actively worked on and then the team drop a message when bugs are fixed. It might be good to add a option to the post like a “Resolved” marker possibly. @Oisin can this be done on Discourse?

Booster user. :wave:

Good to see this has been acknowledged. I thought I didn’t submit anything on my ticket, but as long as its a bug and not being ignored…