Could someone help me pls

Hi , I just want to ask a question. Am purchasing a ps5 450£ and how could I spread the payment . Also if I spread the payment, would my 450£ remain in my wallet still pls ?

Do you have a standard or booster account?

Have got the booster mate

So if you pay using your card you can then choose how long you want to repay it over, you won’t get charged any interest anyway as you have the booster account so just select how many months you want to spread it over.

Regarding your security deposit, if you have deposited £500 and have a credit limit of £500 then make this purchase of £450 the £500 will remain in your deposit account however any outstanding balance on the card would be blocked for withdrawal back to your bank account.

So the £450 would be unavailable for withdrawal from your deposit but as you make payments the amount of your security deposit available for withdrawal goes back up.

You are basically lending the money from yourself then paying it back to prove you can manage credit responsibly.