Credit for feedback

Anyone else still not received their payment for feedback call? I truly don’t care about 15 but I do care that there’s literally nothing that Tymit can do on time/when they promise.

I was told it would be 10-14 days, not hit that yet

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Ah :grin: maybe they should just say “in the future” to manage expectations!

Quick update. I’ve had an email from customer support telling me how busy they are - presumably because they are being asked to do their jobs. Nothing else apart from that. I really like the idea of the Tymit product, but where customer support is concerned it feels a bit like Tymit treat this like it’s a hobby.

Update. This was finally resolved on the 04.11.2021. Manuela in the service team was great, but it was an infuriating experience. If Tymit are going to solicit and offer to pay for feedback again then they need to make the journey smoother for customers.