Credit Limit Increase

If you want a good chance of getting a limit increase, I would advise you use at least 30% of your current limit and pay it off monthly so you can build a relationship with Tymit. Not using the card will send the wrong message, you like the features so at least use it and then hopefully you will get a better limit when they are able to offer one.

One reason Tandem withdraw the card was due to low volume. The best thing you can do to support Tymit is to continue using the card.

You are protected by contract, the FCA license conditions, and the agreement of Visa’s Principle Membership that Tymit’s card issuance firm has, so you’re not really at risk.

Plus, it will certainly help you get a limit increase in the future. Win win for all :tada:

I requested a small increase and they said no so have asked them to close the card. Agree with those saying Tymit only pretend to carry out a review.

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One thing that I seem to see a lot with many credit limit increase requests is people applying for a card, not getting a decent credit limit, refusing to use the card, waiting a few months requesting a limit increase and being disappointed when refused.

Every company uses its own criteria to determine who it lends to, and what amount. You as a card user need to build a relationship with the company, by not using the card there is no way the company can factor in if it’s original risk calculation was good or bad. Yes you might have a good credit score, but that is not all a company takes into account and remember most of the decisions are made by computer algorithms so if you have a £500 limit card, have not used in 3 months, there is no history of what your typical credit utilisation is, payment history or type of transactions you make. All this the computer takes into account, and it takes less that a second or an account executive to read if the computer thinks you can have a limit increase or not. If you love the Tymit card, and are not happy with the limit, at least use it for 6 months to a year (I had to use my major bank card for 2 years before I got an increase, now I can buy a laptop and pay it of at 6% APR if I wanted not that I’m going to, but if I have to pay interest on a credit card 6% is much better that 19.9%, so you can see why I persisted).

I was going to close the card after applying and getting such a low limit (not even close to my other card) but I decided against it for this reason. I’ve used the card responsibly for 9 months so I expected to get a reasonable limit now.

Tymit need to match what more established providers can offer and unfortunately in my case they are not able to do so. I would like to support Tymit but I see no reason to keep the card any longer when I can close it and immediately get another with a more suitable limit.

Obviously it is your choice, and I’ve done similar in the past. I don’t believe that one card will meet all the needs of an individual, so go for what works for you. I like the 3 months free option and have a high enough limit for my needs, and have other cards available if I need to borrow long time either interest free or at a lower cost without having to make another application (need to preserve my score for a more important application coming up next year).

This is exactly what I want to do. I am closing all of my other cards and will be keeping one card for everything. It would have been Tymit because I also like the instalments but they’ve prevented that now.

Never mind, the card is closed now and it’s their loss.

It seems illogical that Tymit extend new credit limits to new customers every day and yet refuse to increase the limit of an existing customer with a proven history and who they know is about to close their account.

I would personally be happy to hold my Tymit card alongside another normal credit card as they operate in different ways and can serve different purposes.

At least we all now know what the situation is and we can choose to stay or leave.

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I sent a message in app on 16th October asking them to review my credit limit.
17th October a helpful chap called Ben messaged for some details on income, reasons for wanting an increase etc.
19th October they carried out a soft search on my experian credit profile which has no impact on scores etc.
Same date Ben messaged and advise my limit was being increased by 50%.
A day or two later it was showing on my available balance.
Not sure why some have had difficulty but from my own personal experience it was much easier than what is being reflected here.


Hey Paul @pchappell246 - That’s an amazing experience, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Really positive info there, I haven’t requested an increase as yet because I felt I was too new a customer but since I’ve been with Tymit for 8 months now I might just request one soon.

I will obviously keep the card wether I get an increase or not but it would be ideal if Tymit offered a credit limit close to what I have with my banks credit card.

I would ultimately like to cancel my other card and use Tymit as my main card and by doing so I would be supporting Tymit further in what they are doing as they would be making more revenue from me.

If I do put in a request I will update this thread.

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Managed to get mine increased by 50% after threatening to close the account down. My AMEX card was 15 times the original Tymit limit.

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I have requested an increase this morning via in app chat and will update here on response times and final outcome of the request for anyone who may be interested :crossed_fingers:

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Very interesting that one or two people are reporting getting increases recently. Please keep sharing your experiences.

I would not recommend people aim to close down other credit cards to have Tymit as their only card, firstly because Tymit only reports to Experian, secondly because other cards offer different features and payment options which can complement Tymit, and thirdly because we don’t know whether Tymit will be around in the long term.

Yes very encouraging that some are getting increased credit limits as this wasn’t very common previously so welcome news.

I would be more than happy to close my other card account if Tymit matched or got close to the credit limit I have with them. The only thing my other card has that Tymit doesn’t is a higher APR

Surely by adopting this approach then Tymit are more likely to be around in the long term for all of us as by making it your main card they would be making more revenue and in turn be more likely to succeed.

Personally I’m not really bothered about credit scores and what reports go where but I’m sure I read recently that Tymit are now or will be reporting to other CRA’s in addition to Experian.

I managed to find the post regarding CRA’s

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Just a bit of an update for anyone following!

After several emails back and forward my request was rejected :frowning_face:

I have asked Tymit to reconsider and currently awaiting a reply.

Communication from Tymit has been good throughout, Obviously disappointed with the decision but can’t fault any of the support staff.


Thank you for the honest post Billy. Maybe next time you can get an increase. It’s great to hear your positive experience with the support team :raised_hands:

I’m still on £1000 after my OP well over a year ago, been using the card and met every payment. As an industry insider I understand the models won’t be perfect, will have outliers and can make it difficult to rapidly extend credit limits without essentially taking a leap of faith, but to keep me using the card they need to extend my limit soon or I’ll be leaving soon. I’ve stated this in the chat function and will keep you updated. This is the second time I’ve asked.

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Yeah, the limits just aren’t competitive. Natwest just gave me £15k 2 year zero interest bt zero fee, and Tymit won’t budge from £500 limit.