Credit Limit Increase

As an update, I was sad to close my account a month ago. Tymit was honestly my favourite card but the limit was stupid low.

I finally got an increase to something usable, but still not enough to cover a month’s spending with comfortable headroom. No open banking API is the biggest barrier to more use, though given they still haven’t sorted statements, I’m not holding my breath.


If the question is specifically about Tymit credit limit increases, you can apply for first credit limit increase after 90 days of using your Tymit card and then it’s after 6 months. :blush:

Also we’ve made some changes recently and it’s nice seeing so many credit limit increase requests being approved. :money_mouth_face:


I have been able to request a CLI and have received 4k as my updated limit from the 2.5k I started off with. I have not really pushed much spending through Tymit, I may have spent only 2k in all since I got the card approx 2 years back. Nothing to do with Tymit itself but I do have another option that provides me with cashback, so Tymit gets only those spends that I intend to split across months. This may change in the future, if and when the cashback stops. I spend upwards of 20k annually on my cards. Hoping to hear from anyone that has above 4k limit on Tymit. 10k is the ideal limit for me.