Credit limit increases

Hi, how often do to it review credit limits please ?


Hey @Daveneal
Lots of discussions around this here

Lots of people have suggested the option to request an increase in the app. The team are taking this back and discussing it to look to see if this is possible :slight_smile:


Hi @Daveneal and welcome to the Tymit community, as James posted look at the other topic and add you views there.

Barclaycard tends to average once every five years - Most credit card companies have been drastically reducing credit limits to mitigate risk since the beginning of the Covid-19 situation, many slashed to 5% of their previous limit. Card companies want to see how credit is handled over a period of time, often years not months. They want to see whether people blow large sums on holidays, Christmas, Black Friday (etc) sales and how they handle that spending. Tymit is a relatively new startup who likely want to limit the risk to themselves, plus their commitment to responsible lending etc.

Just to also point out there is already a Credit Limit Increase thread;