Credit limit issues?

Hello I’m on tymit booster and I had to withdraw some money due to an unexpected emergency which left my credit limit at £3 of £603… I’ve just bank transferred £650 into my tymit account and now my limit is £603 of £603!! Where has my other £50 went?

Welcome to the community. Maybe it’s a display issue and logging out and then back in my sort it

I’ve closed the app and it’s still the same.

Maybe try deleting the app and reinstalling to see if that helps

I’ll try that right now thank you for the advice I appreciate it.

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Didn’t work still displaying the same

Hi @chrismcdiarmid1992 if you paid in £650 using the “pay bill” account details then that would restore your credit limit to £603 and the £50 should be showing as a credit on your account and reduced next month’s payment by £50


Tymit is boss but it’s hella confusing when you split payments :sweat_smile:

Thanks billy that was my next thought

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Oh that’s not really what I wanted. I just assumed it would would increase my credit limit to £650. I have a 0 balance right now.

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It’s very confusing haha

They have been doing surveys to see about making the wording clearer for people as your not the first to do this

Well hopefully they fix it manually so my limit is £650 of £650. I do agree they do need to be more transparent about Tymit booster. There’s also a few glitches I’ve noticed for example I need to load the app twice for it to display everything properly. That seems like an easy fix

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Do you have to deposit the credit limit in one month lump sum, or can you increase your credit limit by depositing more monies each month?

You can add to it as often as you want to