Credit Limit of Tymit card quite low

I have just started using my Tymit card but am disappointed at the low credit limit. It’s only a quarter of what I have on Capital One and half of what I have on Tandem. I wanted to move to using one card only and preferably the Tymit card but my credit limit might prevent this. Is the low credit limit normal on Tymit? Can I get it increased? What is the experience of others?


I want to close my other card but can’t until I get a limit increase here. It is a tough one because a credit search will show the other card and naturally reduce any additional limits. So the only option might be to close of the others and see if you can increase your Tymit limit.

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Why are tymit offering such low credit limits? My tymit credit limit is 10% of what my credit limit is with Halifax.

And why don’t tymit allow for this to be reviewed and increased over time like other banks? It makes the card fairly useless with a small credit limit.

My Tymit credit limit is prettty low as well compared to my other credit cards. It seems to be the case with some of these newer credit card companies. I started to apply for a Zopa credit card (new provider) as I have some investments with them and they quoted a limit up to £1500 and an APR of 35%. I just laughed at them and walked away as that was just an insult.

I am assuming that if I start to get to the limit with Tymit then they will up my credit limit a bit. Once they have some history of how I pay off my debt they would be stupid to not increase the credit limit.

Tymits FAQs used to say they won’t review credit limits but that seems to have been removed - so hopefully you’re right as mine isn’t high enough for me to use it effectively

That’s why I have taken a card elsewhere and will be closing mine down.

I asked for an increase and was told they don’t do it.

If they won’t review limits based on people’s record of payment history they’ll eventually knacker themselves!

I messaged again and asked and got a message back saying they’ll add me to a list. It sounded like they’re not doing it but they’ll register my interest…