Credit limit query

Hi all!

I wonder if someone can help? With regards to credit limit, do you automatically get a credit limit once you’ve signed up to the account? I can’t recall seeing anything about it.

Hi @Chel2809 Michelle, welcome to the community!

For regular Tymit, a credit limit is assigned to you after you are approved.

For Tymit Booster, your credit limit is controlled by you depositing a security deposit into a holding account. This deposit is reported as a credit limit to the credit reference agency and you can spend on the card.

Note: With Tymit Booster, you can’t withdraw a deposit up to the value of your spending until you make a repayment.

Hi @jase,

Thank you for your swift reply. Ah! Do you want happen to know roughly how long does it take for the approval? I thought that once you had the card you were approved or am I wrong there?x

Yes, if you are approved you’ll get the card. If you’ve already got the card, then you should have a limit unless you are on Booster in which case you just need to top-up.

It may be best for you to reach out to to check you are all good to go. :slight_smile:

Good afternoon,

Thank you. I’ve emailed them and just waiting for a reply. Fingers crossed I get a reply as I’ve seen there are people who’ve emailed them but haven’t received a reply.

Thank you for your help @jase much appreciated.x

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You’re welcome. They are a busy bunch so it may be an idea to try to check your emails for any reference to Booster. If you have Booster, there is a guide here in the community for topping up your credit limit to get started.