Credit reference agency and credit score

I was wondering, which credit agencies does Tymit refers to for credit approval? TransUnion, Equifax or Experian?

Could Tymit card be used to improve my credit score?

Thank you :pray:t2:!

I could be wrong but I think they use Transunion (callcredit/creditKarma) I read somewhere.

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Tymit use CreditKarma


Do they report to all 3?

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As far as I am aware they do

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Awesome, I’m in the middle band for CK so might have a small hope of getting the card prior to my adverse dropping!

No idea how I’m so high, but it’s better than the other two!

I just got in to apply and got turned down so not sure what their criteria is but it’s ridiculously high as I’m in a 700+ on Experian :flushed:

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I was declined, unsurprisingly!

My only feedback is that I really don’t believe customers should be uploading documents/selfies for a declined application.

Given the current climate around data protection/data misuse, it’s quite unnerving for a third party to be holding data on an application that had no prospects of proceeding (I assume, due to the very quick load speed, the decision was made prior to verifying my ID).

I appreciate they are regulated and well known for those of us that work in the industry or interact with multiple platforms, but the average “Joe Bloggs” won’t know them.

Assuming you use “Electronic Identification” or similar (as well as the ID), I think those with medium/high scores should be given their decision straight away.

As an example, if I took the same basic data I put into your form and went to any high street bank then (unless it referred) it would instantly tell me if it was accepted/declined - so if it was stolen data or similar, pretty much all high street banks still show an instant decision without further validation. I’d hope for something similar from you guys eventually, but understand it’s a company specific appetite to the risk.

Other than that, all straightforward and as expected. See you in 6 months when my adverse drops!! :slight_smile:

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Credit Karma are not a CRA as we know it. They use TransUnion’s data which are a CRA.

Someone said Tymit also use Experian but I think I checked and it was TransUnion when I last check.

I get a monthly credit report from equifax and despite using my Tymit card extensively for the best part of a year it still doesn’t show on my credit report and so they are not reporting to equifax. Don’t know about the others.

To be honest, I find credit reports to be so out of touch with reality that I don’t know how finance companies can use them. My credit report has old credit cards and bank accounts on it that have been ditched years ago and doesn’t have half the stuff on it that it should.

It isn’t a problem for me though as my credit score is high and I don’t really need a good credit rating anyway.

Out of curiosity does anyone have an April update on their Experian? Mine shows Tymit last updated 14th March, expected by now there would be an April update… Barclaycard are also way behind, 28th February.