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Hello @Alastair-PM, How ya?
Last Year As Promised, You said You would post a update concerning Tymit reporting to other CRA in the New Year we in Jan 2022, I guessed you forgot I have decided to follow it up instead I look forward to your response

Stay Blessed Man

We are 10 days in. People have only been back a week or tomorrow. Give the team a chance eh? :joy:

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How’s it even funny man ?

Tymit had all the good will that one can offer as a customer, after a long time they still getting the basic stuff wrong. Olatunde1 is NOT wrong for asking for adequate service for his tenner a month for the booster, regardless of the Christmas holidays.

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It was more of the “I guess you forgot” as though an update was due 1st Jan 2022. People are busy and one person’s £10 a month doesn’t dictate the priority an entire business should give to their time.

Frustrating sure, but it sounded somewhat passive aggressive to say “I guess you forgot” because on only the 5th working day of the new year, there hadn’t been an update.

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The issue is not the value of the payment.

The issue is what is promised in exchange of the payment to be delivered with the product, which Tymit constantly fails to deliver on an on going basis.

The quote below is from last September so I’m not surprised @Olatunde1 and @NewUser are expecting to see some progress by now!

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Agree with the complaints here. My personal impression is that Tymit is currently continuing to lag way behind the competition on delivery of important updates, features, and bug fixes. Some examples off the top of my head:
-Display issues in the existing Android app (> 1 year)
-‘New design’ app release on Android
-Booster reporting to all 3 CRAs

We all know that it is the norm in the software industry to overrun target dates by a long shot, but with Tymit, the delivery timeline so far seems somewhat indefinite. When we expected the new app at the end of last summer, many users expressed serious doubt that this would materialize. At the time, I thought perhaps they were being a bit too harsh or too cynical about it. It now seems to me that they were justifiably right and I was wrong.

Yes, it is barely the beginning of the year and some people have just come back to work, but I do not think the sentiment shared by many here is off or unfair. Still rooting for Tymit like many, but NewUser put it so well regarding the user base running out of goodwill

Hi all! Apologies for the delay, that ones on me.

We’re working hard to deliver reporting to all 3 CRAs and it’s a live ongoing project. We’ve had multiple internal meetings this week and conversations with the other 2 bureaus. The complexity is mainly in the fact that we need to do a tech refactor and improve the way reporting is currently done (making it easier to review/amend files before they’re sent, making it easier for customers to dispute something incorrect on their file etc).

We appreciate your patience and hope to have some concrete results to show soon.




Came here to see if there’s any news about this. Thank you for the update, Alastair

Great news @Alastair-PM - Keep up the hard work.

Hi @Alastair-PM ,

Hope there’s some progress in the prep for reporting to the other 2 CRAs. It’s been two months since the last update.

I’m thinking by now, Tymit ought to waive the monthly Booster fee, or charge a third at best, until reporting is up and running. Seems only fair especially that we don’t seem to have an end in sight


Unfortunately, the silence here seems like a loud enough answer to the question above

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It’s frustrating. Although in my case, my account isn’t even showing on Experian despite chasing it.

I am in the same situation - no Tymit account on the Experian report. I reached out to them and they were quite quick to get back to me. They had the wrong address and told me it may be the reason for this. I will keep an eye on the next report.

@Alastair-PM, team Tymit, I wonder if this is still in the works?

Even if this is still going to be a while before it’s implemented, I would be really grateful if the team can share any update on the progress of reporting to the other 2 CRAs

Gently bumping this up…

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Time for the monthly thread bump…

hi everyone, I’m awaiting an update on this so will comment as soon as I hear more, hopefully this week! :crossed_fingers:

Thank you very much, Fedi, for the update. It’s good to hear that this is finally progressing :crossed_fingers:

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