Credit Reporting

Hi all! Apologies for the delay, that ones on me.

We’re working hard to deliver reporting to all 3 CRAs and it’s a live ongoing project. We’ve had multiple internal meetings this week and conversations with the other 2 bureaus. The complexity is mainly in the fact that we need to do a tech refactor and improve the way reporting is currently done (making it easier to review/amend files before they’re sent, making it easier for customers to dispute something incorrect on their file etc).

We appreciate your patience and hope to have some concrete results to show soon.




Came here to see if there’s any news about this. Thank you for the update, Alastair

Great news @Alastair-PM - Keep up the hard work.

Hi @Alastair-PM ,

Hope there’s some progress in the prep for reporting to the other 2 CRAs. It’s been two months since the last update.

I’m thinking by now, Tymit ought to waive the monthly Booster fee, or charge a third at best, until reporting is up and running. Seems only fair especially that we don’t seem to have an end in sight


Unfortunately, the silence here seems like a loud enough answer to the question above

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It’s frustrating. Although in my case, my account isn’t even showing on Experian despite chasing it.

I am in the same situation - no Tymit account on the Experian report. I reached out to them and they were quite quick to get back to me. They had the wrong address and told me it may be the reason for this. I will keep an eye on the next report.

@Alastair-PM, team Tymit, I wonder if this is still in the works?

Even if this is still going to be a while before it’s implemented, I would be really grateful if the team can share any update on the progress of reporting to the other 2 CRAs

Gently bumping this up…

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Time for the monthly thread bump…

hi everyone, I’m awaiting an update on this so will comment as soon as I hear more, hopefully this week! :crossed_fingers:

Thank you very much, Fedi, for the update. It’s good to hear that this is finally progressing :crossed_fingers:

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They have been working on the vitally important AppStore update that turns the Tymit app icon black.

Funny how none of the other 83 apps on my phone chose that as being a fitting way to pay their respects.

It should at least have been made optional.

Monthly bump… again :wink:

Hi @trent, thanks for reminder. There will be an update in coming weeks, so keep an eye out for it! I’ll do my best to share here as well. :pray:

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Come on, team Tymit, this has been announced in September 2021! Get it over with or, seriously, offer a discount.

Happy holidays everyone (see you next month :wink:)

Hi @trent, please read this, it’ll will explain why we haven’t announced anything yet. Please let me know if you have any questions :pray:

Sad to see tymit booster go as it worked for me, is it that tymit does not fancy the £9.98 a month anymore it has been a hassle or regulatory reasons as I can’t seem to get my head around why it withdrawing booster

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Hi @Olatunde1 thanks for your comment. It’s great to see so many satisfied Booster customers and we’re sad that we won’t be able to provide our services to you anymore. It wasn’t an easy decision for sure.

We have decided to focus on providing our other great credit products, and therefore we’re closing the Tymit Booster product.

Thanks for being our valued Booster customer, we’re wishing you all the best with your future finances. :slightly_smiling_face: