Credit Score is 999 on Experian, says I am ineligible though for this card, any idea why?

Income is £19k

Homeowner with mortgage £130 per month

Age 35

No missed payments

No credit card debt currently as just paid it all off 4 months ago

Available credit on my 3 credit cards is around £18k in total

Lived at current address for 18 years

Credit score is also high in Equifax and TransUnion. 513/700 on Equifax (Clear Score) & 631/710 with TransUnion (Credit Karma).

Would like to apply and get this card though as it has no fx fees when using abroad and the instalment thing looks good

Hey @Mr_D_UK and welcome to the community.

Credit history and details can be used not just for risk, but often for whether or not you could be an ideal customer, especially for a credit card company.

They will look at credit utilisation (currently £0 of £18k) which shouldn’t be too high but ideally shouldn’t be zero. You could get a credit card and then go and spend £18k tomorrow and have no way of paying it all off easily.

Secondly although less common now, companies will not just want someone who pays off their bill in full each month, if this is you.

I can’t speak for Tymit as I don’t work for them, but just giving some industry insights into scoring and risk.

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Yeah that makes sense.

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can i also point out that the credit scores given on the sites such as clearscore experian etc etc , are the work of fiction and bear no comparison to credit lenders own scoring methods and infact they are merely for the consumers benefit

Credit Scores - never read into it to much, businesses have other critereas. Plus lending is stricter right now because we are in a global pandemic