Critical issue with declined & cancelled transactions

Hi all,

We have identified a critical issue that is causing some purchases made on the Tymit card to be incorrectly declined. The issue is affecting selected merchants, including PayPal and Amazon (amongst others).

Some of these declined transactions may appear as “cancelled” purchases in your account. In other cases they may show as “refunds”, incorrectly crediting your account in your favour. These “refunds” will shortly turn into “cancelled” purchases as we fix this issue. We can assure you that in either case your account will not be negatively affected.

The source of the issue has been identified and our team are working at full speed to fix this problem asap. We will come back to you as soon as we have more information on when we can expect the fix to be completed.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. At Tymit we are all on a mission to provide you with more transparency, control, and peace of mind than traditional credit cards. And we know that we failed you today. Rest assured that myself and the rest of the Tymit team will not rest until we have fully delivered on that mission. We deeply value your support and understanding on our journey to reaching this goal.


Martin, Founder & CEO

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Martin I tried to link to you via LinkedIn- I can only assume you’ve not been reading the level of dissatisfaction of users with your product on this community so far but am glad you acknowledge finally how bad things are.
Believe me before retirement 5 years ago I was used to apologise where necessary but my experience to date with your product has been appalling.

Issues to look at

Lack of product roadmap
Poor QA testing
Customer service understanding of English
Credit cards operation needs 24x7 support
The needs to be SLA in place far better than currently- god only knows what would happen with suspected fraud
Learn from Monzo

Sadly for now I have had to revert back to my Nationwide visa CC for PayPal on eBay and Amazon - both transacted fine tonight

It’s a new product, so there will be teething issues. Also, in life, nothing is perfect we are always learning and improving, which is what Tymit will do, in my opinion.

Just give them time - I’m sure it will be a great product.

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