Customer Service Complaint

Hey guys, I just want to share my horrible customer service experience because I’ve tried almost every other outlet apart from going to the financial ombudsman. I want to give time one last chance by this community, a public forum, to redeem itself.

18 days ago I tried to change my direct debit mandate to a different bank account. They should have been really simple, but I contacted tymit on 10th of July why and was bounced from customer service representative to other customer service representatives. One of them actually replied but gave me the completely wrong advice. They then didn’t respond to me for another week.

Finally all the zendesk tickets were consolidated and one customer service representative said that he passed on my new direct debit details to the team responsible for changing the mandates. This was 2 weeks in. Ever since there nothing has happened.

I sent a tweet to @tymitapp and they told me to direct message them. I did that, and they promptly ignored that. when. I sent a complaint to their complaints email address which was immediately forwarded to their zendesk. This was also promptly ignored.

I don’t understand why a credit card company like tymit just doesn’t seem to have any customer service representatives whatsoever able to take the simple task of changing direct debit mandate, something which would take other fintechs a couple of days at most to do.

If anyone in time it sees this message please message me and I want to get this issue fixed. I want to change my direct debit mandate before my next payment date is due. I don’t know why this company has such a horrifying support but thank God I’m only changing my direct debit Mandate and not doing something more expensive because otherwise I’d be screwed.

18 days to even yet acknowledge the wish to change a direct debit mandate isn’t just a lack of customer service. It’s complete neglect. I hate to think of the number of vulnerable people that might be struggling because of the ineptitude of this company to complete even the most basic tasks. I don’t want some rep to ‘flag this up’ or ‘pass’ me to ‘the team’ again. You don’t need to be sorry for inconveniencing me. I just want you to fix this.

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@oisin @mike.brozowski just bringing this to your attention.
Is 18 days and counting acceptable to leave a customer waiting for a change of DD mandate??

Can’t you change the direct debit in the app?
I could. Just cancel the old one and set up a new one?

Unfortunately not - app doesn’t give an option to cancel, there’s a line of text at the bottom that says to connect their support should I wish to amend bank details. Their faq page from that screen also 404s

I would recommend cancelling it with your bank and then when the app recognises the bank and cancelled it set one up. If a payment is due in the meantime set up a standing order to transfer the amount or send it manually

The App will recognise it’s been cancelled after a few days

I would also recommend changing your username. This place is a really nice place to be to talk about anything not just ongoing issues.

Once you reply a certain amount of times or create so many topics it doesn’t let you change your username. One experience shouldn’t define your online presence on the Tymit Community


Tymit like most companies that started small and the customers outgrew them are hiring and recovering from the pandemic. Whilst most people believe this is an excuse it is genuinely sometimes the truth. I can’t speak for them to explain why there is a shortfall in customer service and I’m not going to stick up for them either. They are not the only ones with questionable levels of service and I can guarantee they are not doing it intentionally.

It’s frustrating for sure but no regulator say they must reply to you within 10 minutes I’m afraid.

I have been with Tymit since before the pandemic. Their customer service has been pretty poor right from the start. It really is a shame as otherwise Tymit is a pretty solid product that I’m happy to support.

I guess the issue is one of cost - customer support will be one of their biggest expenses if done well.

Maybe they need to think a little bit more about ways they could plug the gap whilst they continue to grow.

How about linking to this forum from the app - maybe that will encourage some people to ask questions here first before going straight to customer support.

They do this on giffgaff - and also reward forum members for answering questions.

I think they need a bot personally to filter out general enquiries and direct to the community or self help. Then they need to hire frontline staff.

If you check out their careers page, they are hiring for this forum and customer services, so they are actively working to resolve the small delays people are experiencing.

They are not. Trust me. The job ads are there but no intake

Well they are, not sure why you think they aren’t :man_shrugging:

It’s a little pointless to post job opportunities (they’ve posted more recently) if you don’t have them and their investment was in part to support Tymit’s growth.

They have been hiring since last year and they keep reposting the same job roles. A friend of mine who is a Tymit user applied and never had a response

If they need reliable and experienced customer service staff I have some spare time on my hands at the minute. Might need to delete some of my previous posts before applying though :laughing:

My Spanish isn’t bad either if they need a hand in the Madrid office, just saying :thinking:

Are Tymit actively recruiting at the moment @Oisin

@Billy , yes, we are recruiting at the moment, across a whole bunch of roles and including customer service


@NOCUSTOMERSERVICE , I’d like to help so I’ve DMed you for details. Please get back to me when you have a chance :slightly_smiling_face: