Customer service not responding

Hello. I’ve been scammed, emailed via Zen desk. It’s been 5 days and other than initial contact, I haven’t heard back.

What can I do? I’m finding this really stressful!

Have you contacted the lost and stolen phone number

Hey. Yes, on the day it happened. I’ve written about what happened, but silence since then.

Welcome to the community Stitcher. This is really concerning, I hope Tymit’s team sorts this ASAP

Hi All.

I contacted Tymit, then raised a complaint regarding the security of their messages.

Basically when you contact them they then reply and it’s sent to your email address.

Emails are not known for security. Despite contacting them about this, it’s been a brick wall.

If you are asked for sensitive information, then surely it should be part of a secure message that goes no further ?

For this reason it’s incredibly unlikely that I will be keeping my account open

Tymit does have its benefits, but if anything goes wrong, expect to be ignored.

I got a message back on day 6 telling me I should’ve gotten a crime ref number. And that they wouldn’t contact me until it got investigated.

They never told be any of that at the first instance. And the language is: as we’ve said to you before…

I really like their offering and the concept. Perhaps with feedback things will get better…