Customer service still poor

Tymit customer service still doesn’t get any better. I asked a simple question in app and got an email response that it could take 2 days to answer. This was on Tuesday. It’s now Thursday evening and still no response. This isn’t really very good.

I’m trying to add a purchase to a bundle, but it isn’t allowing it. It comes up with the comment ‘sorry but you can’t bundle purchases from different bills’ or something like this. It doesn’t make any sense as it is an item purchased on the same day as other bundled items.

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Can’t you get around it by individually setting those up ?

Sorry but don’t understand your response.

I have put a load of purchases into a bundle and have another purchase from the same day that won’t go in to the same bundle. It’s not a problem as such - just an annoyance and wanted to feedback that there is an issue/bug that is stopping this particular purchase from being added to the bundle.

I’ll probably just unbundle the whole lot and not bother with using the bundle feature if it doesn’t work properly. Not really worth the bother.

Okay they take a few days before they get back to you on the support chat. I am sure they will solve your problem. Give it a few more days.

@Stephen When were the purchases made? If before the 26th of the month and you made the bundle when they were bought it is possible that you are trying to add the other purchase into the bundle after the 26th in which case it will mess up the billing period which starts on the 26th hence the error. I’m on Android so don’t have the bundle feature, but the error you described seems to point in that direction.

@Stephen sometimes an error message defaults to displaying if there isn’t a specific error for the issue being caused. I’m wondering if maybe there is a maximum number of transactions for a bundle?

Can you maybe try creating a new bundle with another group of items and see if there is a limit that matches your current bundle? Worth a try :slight_smile:

From experience in my own job, issues with bugs raised to support is the only route, but it needs feeding into a development cycle and priority so getting responses from developers to provide to customers is a common bottleneck.

All purchases were made this week

Could be a bug then, or an unknown limit to number of items in a bundle.

I have since added other items to the bundle and they went in ok.

The one that won’t add to the bundle is an 80p parking cost - it may be that it won’t add to the bundle as its less than £1


Would be cool to go out and buy something for less than £1 and validate that. It will really help the dev and support teams in my experience but don’t go out of your way. :slight_smile:

So I have a tfl validation charge for £0.10 in my card at the moment and I cannot bundle it so it may be that there’s a minimum amount.

All you guys talking about bundles is making me jealously, can we Android users have the bundle too. :cry:

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I think that’s probably because the 10p is a pending transaction. It will be removed and a new charge added tomorrow.

@Stephen - Maybe your charge is pending (not all places submit online payments. Tesco notoriously submit payments days later.

Give it a few more days and try again?

This would make sense given the payment amount or dates for pending payments can change or be cancelled completely, so it is wise not to allow these in a bundle.

If I have time over the weekend, I’ll put a payment I know is pending on my card, and try bundling it.

I have bundled several payments that are pending. It’s not been a problem for any other payments.

Tymit customer service got back to me this morning and asked for further clarification on my problem. I clarified the issue but have not heard back from them yet.

I think giving them more than the same day is fair. Hopefully you’ll get it resolved soon.

Hmm! I first asked on Tuesday and it’s now Friday. Guess not much will happen over the weekend.

I deal with a lot of new finance tech companies and the customer service with Tymit isn’t great and doesn’t compare well.

I stick with Tymit though as I believe their product is fair and I assume customer service will improve with time.

hi @Stephen , i’ve checked with the product team about this for you and what I’ve heard is that there are no limits on what transactions can be bundled when it comes to amount. Customer services should be passing this on for technical support to look into.


Hi, I have now unbundled as it just didn’t work for me and the customer support was far too slow. It’s been a whole week since this was flagged.

Friendly feedback - Tymit need to sort out customer support. It needs to be better than this.

I carnt even get them to reply to me they just keep removing my posts

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My experience is that anything under £1 is automatically added to your next bill in full. I haven’t tried to spread or bundle such a transaction, but just assumed that transactions under £1 couldn’t be split.

Sticking to the subject of customer service in general, I can’t get my head around why companies (not just neobanks) can’t seem to conceive that it’s the numero uno priority from a customer standpoint.

Starling and Monzo have taken off for that very reason. A good product offering sells, but it needs good support to thrive and reach market maturity.

Too many Fintechs seem to think that the product can run itself. That might be true if the product is refined to the point of being practically bug free. Tymit is a long way from that.

If they had the attitude that customer service is paramount and actually listened to and acted on the issues highlighted to them, they would come much closer to the free-of-human-interaction model a great deal sooner.