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Anyone no why customer service never replies. How on earth are we to get help if no one is available. Twitter no response, email no response in app no response. For a so called big credit company its poor service

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Hi @Darren74 Tymit are not a big credit company but a young startup, but I do agree they need to ensure prompt response to their email support channel.

Just to say email is their only official channel other than lost and stolen call centre which can’t answer account queries.

Is it anything you think the community may be able to help with?

Morning mate. They need to have an in app response to acknowledge your message is recieved. There’s nothing in app for emergency contact, for £9.95 a month you’d expect decent service


It’s my understanding you get an email acknowledgement? Raising an in-app support query is creating a ticket within a support desk system. At least it did when I last used it :thinking:

Let us know once it gets resolved for you (out of interest).

Was still the case last time I used it… Normally get an initial response within a business day typically, longer at a weekend though.

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Hi jase. I recieved my card this morning. Any idea how to change pin to my own 4 digit

Hey @Darren74 you should be able to change this in the app under the card icon at the bottom once activated.

Then you will need to go to a cash point and check your balance to best set the PIN. Use the new PIN when you do this, not the old one.

Thanks. So rather than do on app, i can just go cash machine like any card to change

You need to set it on the app first, then by going to a cash point it updates the chip on the card.

I don’t think you can change the PIN at the ATM on this card, so I would just use the app instead :slight_smile:

Ok. Changed pin on app, so now go to cash machine and enter new pin to access my account, that correct. So how can we get the recommendations money if ive already opened the new account

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If you uses someone’s referral code you should see this on your account.

If you wish to refer others you should have a present icon on your app to then copy the code for others to use :slight_smile:

Share the love Darren! :+1:

Hi @Darren74 :wave:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to your query! Glad to hear you’ve received your card safely.

We do have a bit of a backlog at the moment. We’re onboarding more agents and working hard to get our response times down. In the meantime, if you’d like to DM me your details, I can chase up your ticket.

Thanks also, @jase for your comments! :blush:



Welcome to the community Mike! @mike.brozowski


Hi jase

My monthly fee been taken after only 4 days as new customer. The £9.95 has been taken from my available balance, but still says payment pending. Will this clear off screen. Ive paid full rather than spread it each month.

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@Darren74 I’m not familiar with the Booster product so can’t answer this I’m afraid.

Perhaps @dudesuper1982 might be able to help with this.

I assume the £9.95 will come off the available credit and be reflected in the pending balance until the end of the billing cycle just like any other purchase.

@Darren74 the £9.95 won’t be payable until May 7th so I wouldn’t worry so much about it being applied to your account earlier than you expected.

Again @dudesuper1982 might be able to advise on the date the fee is taken as I believe it used to be the end of the month but some wanted it applied earlier so the bill was more accurate throughout the month.

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The £9.95 shows up just like any other purchase and able to select a plan it normally shows up on my account on the 23-25th of the month which is why I suggested it should be done at the beginning of the billing period so that your able to see the full payment that would be due at the end off the billing cycle


If you join Revolut at the Premium or Metal levels the monthly fee is taken immediately, so realistically a few days after joining seems perfectly reasonable, or even slightly late! :wink:

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Weird. I find their response is usually very good and within a day or two.

I sent a message to customer services on Thursday and still nothing. Has to be the worse services ever. Id hate to think what happens in an emergency. No support staff at all.

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