Customer support shocking

I want to cancel my account its not for me but I can’t get a reply out of anyone its like they are trying to rise me of my money they are charging me tomorrow and I don’t even have anymore cash in that amount so what happens next when will my account be deleted and and not ever charged from that day on

Hi Davy, I’m not on booster but sure I read previously about a cancellation link in the welcome email you received.

I’m not sure if that does anything other than direct you to customer support though as I don’t have that email myself but maybe worth a try.

I’m not sure if booster is billed in advance or in arrears so can’t really advise on if you will still need to pay for the month or not, perhaps someone else on booster could advise.

Also what date did you contact support to request the closure?

Hi Davy, make sure you pay the debt as it is a credit line so your credit history isn’t affected.