Customer Support

Could someone please advise why it is taking days and days for customer support?

I have a valid account with credit limit and the card was activated 8 months ago.

I have just started using it but the card now doesnt work in the ATMs or in shops.

I have looked at the app and now just displays a temporary card number. So what has happened to my card?

If I need a new one how do I get?

I find this frustrating as no one has responded back in 5 days.

Hi @zippy firstly let me welcome you to the community. It is unlikely you will get direct support here but if you have raised a ticket via the app, they should get back to you soon.

It sounds like your card has expired due to it being reissued when Wirecard were restricted from trading. Or it has just expired as it hasn’t been used.

It may be worth trying an online transaction with your temporary number to see if that prompts a card to be sent out sooner.

Card delivery is really quick for most now :slight_smile:

I have completed 2 online transactions via the temporary method. They have gone through.

Just the physical card I have is Wireless so assume a new one will be sent

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I believe so. Card providers will often not re-issue plastic to inactive users due to the monthly cost of keeping the card active and physical cost of production and issuance.

I’m sure you’ll get one again now :slight_smile:

Glad you’ve started to use it!

Don’t assume! Assumption is the mother of all f’ups! :wink: