Declined transactions

Occasionally I get transactions that are declined. The two most recent were Apple and Amazon. Both of these are used regularly and usually go through with no issues. However, a few weeks back a regular iCloud subscription payment was declined and then earlier this week a payment to Amazon was declined. In both cases I used a back up credit card to pay (which has never declined any payments). When I flag this to Tymit all I get is ‘it wasn’t us’ type of response. I really need my main card to work every time and so am slowly losing confidence with Tymit. And customer support is hopeless every time I flag anything up. Any thoughts as to why I get these random declined transactions?

They are changing card and transaction provider, from tomorrow. Hopefully this will make everything more reliable. They said in the email it will allow things like pay at the pump and more online transactions which they haven’t allowed up to this point.

Edit: photo from email added.

Have you tried turning off in Security & Notifications the Location Based option? I had declined transactions online but once I turned that off it went through fine. Normally have it activated (also card is blocked when not in use).

No, I haven’t tried this. Might be worth a try I guess, - its just that I use my card a LOT - pretty much everything goes on Tymit and I only get these very occasional declines. It just seems strange that this happens and stranger still that Tymit can’t help when I contact them. I really want Tymit to do well as I like what they are trying to do. I just get frustrated when it docent work and I do have another credit card with a MUCH higher limit that ALWAYS works.

I only tend to use mine for bigger stuff to spread the costs. One transaction recently repeatedly declined and reported to Tymit, they couldn’t fathom why is was declining. As soon as I disabled that option it was fine. Now I just disable that before trying at the same time as unlocking the card.

Had a response from Tymit:

'Thank you so much for your patience while we’ve been looking into this matter.

The transactions were declined due to a timeout issue and we believe this shouldn’t happen again.

One transaction has been returned and the other one has not been confirmed and it should expire and disappear by 27th November.

Please let us know if you have any further question, we are happy to help’

Hopefully some of the changes being made behind the scenes will help mitigate this type of issue.

That’s right, with our new processor we should experience much fewer declines. And also, when they happen, we will be able to get a LOT more visibility on why it happened and fix it when possible. Wirecard made it really difficult to troubleshoot and fix declines (almost impossible). With the new processor we’ll access the decline data via API ourselves so this should help.

One caveat: we are running a new Visa Credit Card BIN. It sometimes can take a few days sometimes weeks to fully propagate to all acquirers and merchants in the World. Some acquirers update their software with the new BINs daily others take a bit more time. So we may see some unusual declines in the coming days, but these will go away quickly. I’ve been using the new card all over the place and didn’t get a single decline.


Thanks for this Martin. This level of transparency is really helpful. I do like what you guys are trying to do with credit cards and so hope that the changes you are making will make Tymit much more robust. :slight_smile: :grinning:

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App said earlier that my card will stop working soon, any updates on the replacement cards? Nothing heard via email as yet…,

The joys of BIN sponsorship :rofl:

I spoke with support today, they said the new cards would be issued very soon with an email to confirm dispatch.

The pointed out the current card will work fine until the new card is activated.

Yesterday I was declined trying to buy theatre tickets from ATG and today it was declined trying to buy a coffee and cake from Costa.

Not good.

And my Apple iCloud subscription was declined just a moment ago - went to my backup credit card!

Hopefully the new card will arrive soon and will be better.

Just bought my theatre tickets this morning using my back up card as well.

There is an email from Tymit saying there are issues today…

Yes, just received it a few minutes ago.

Amazon repeatedly declining Temporary/Virtual card… Not great…

I’m using a different card for now. Will revert back to Tymit once all the problems are solved.

The suggestion was that they had switched processor and given us a temporary card to use online, so the issues should be resolved!