Deposit to allow higher payment


I’d love to buy a good costing 2000£.
My tymit account is limited to 1500£.
This means I cannot use Tymit to buy this good.

Ideally feature

As a tymit user,
I should be able to deposit X amount of £ in my tymit account,
So I can buy goods of a higher price than my credit limit, with the first time payment deducting the money already deposited in my account.

This means I would deposit 500£, my credit limit is still 1500£.
When I buy a good for 2000£, the 500£ I deposited are taken directly and then the rest works like usual.

Temporary solution (edit: not working, not able to top-up revolut with tymit apparently)

To still be able to do those kind of thing, I will credit my Revolut account via Tymit credit card for 1500£, and pay the 500 extra from my saving account.
This is not ideal but should work for anyone facing the same problem as me currently.

Firstly, perhaps send the friendly support team a message to see if you can achieve a credit limit increase? Not guaranteed but may be the easiest route.

Have you checked to see how topping up Revolut with Tymit appears as a transaction? If they transact this as a cash withdrawal, you’ll really damage your credit file doing a cash withdrawal for that value on a credit card.

There are specific products that allow you to achieve what you are trying (Tymit Booster) or you could perhaps purchase gift cards at the retailer up to your limit, then pay with those and your bank card?

Unfortunately i don’t seem to have access to Tymit Booster yet (can’t find it anywhere in my app).
Thanks a lot for the heads up regarding cash withdrawal, it’s something I was not aware of.
Anyway Revolut doesn’t allow top up via Tymit card apparently so I’ve edited my message.

Regarding the support team, I’ll try this, but i still think it could be a useful feature for people like me who are new to Tymit and would like to buy something more expensive as a one time off without having to increase the credit limit.

Tymit Booster is a separate product designed for building a credit history. It’s unique feature however is to set your credit limit based on a savings element. It’s not a product feature of the regular Tymit account so you won’t qualify to get it most likely.

It sounds like it wouldn’t help in this case anyway.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Hey can anyone help… My boost account says my bill is due. 12.45. I have paid this into my TYMIT account but it’s simply made the available balance higher and still says my bill is due… Have I don’t something wrong? :woman_shrugging:

Hi @jillmunro14 there are 2 accounts to pay to for Tymit Booster. One allows you to increase your limit, the other pay your bill.

It sounds like you’ve inadvertently paid this to the incorrect account.

If you are paying your bill ahead of the next due date, you should withdraw this money back to your bank and pay to the correct account.

If you are paying your bill from June, it’s maybe better to leave the funds where they are and ask for assistance to resolve. :+1: