Direct Debit is here for Tymit Booster users

We have some (more) exciting news to share! :smiley:

Later this week and if all goes well with testing, Booster users will be able to sign up for Direct debit :tada:

This should make paying your monthly bill much easier and we’ll be keen to get your feedback on how it’s working for you.

To setup direct debit:
You will find instructions for how to setup direct debit when you click on the ‘Transfer funds’ button

To view your direct debit information once you have set everything up
Again, you will find this information when you click on the ‘Transfer funds’ button

We’d love your feedback! Please let us know what you think :sunglasses:


Great news to see this available good job guys


This is brilliant i will now using my card even more and pay bill each month by direct debit :slight_smile:


:fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:
This is brilliant to see @Alastair-PM I hope it’ll be good to go.


Congrats @Alastair-PM and the team on getting this out there.


Update: We’ve found some pesky bugs :bug: in testing, so we’ll probably be releasing this next week


@Alastair-PM Thanks for the heads up. :blush:

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Any update on this???

Following for updates on this

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we’ll have an update for you today on this!
@Alastair-PM and the team have been hard at work on those bugs :bug: :hammer:


Thank you all for your patience and I have an update

We’re going to be launching Direct debit for Booster users after the current billing cycle - which is the 8th June (bills are due on the 7th)

The reason for this is that there are some edge cases which are complex to resolve - mainly if someone sets up a direct debit, which takes 5 days, and then the direct debit is not actually setup by the time the bill is due, then a user might think their payment will be taken but actually it won’t be. (Eg you setup direct debit on the 3rd June but when the 7th arrives, the DD is not actually setup yet and it’s difficult to let the user know. For this month we think its a better user experience to keep this month’s billing cycle with just bank transfer and then from next month start afresh and offer plenty of time for people to setup their direct debit. And for future months we will have a more nuanced user experience for the ‘setting up direct debit just before the due date for the bill’ experience.

We hope to have the feature with you soon and get your thought! And we appreciate your understanding in the meantime




Awesome update @Alastair-PM!

I think it’s worth noting that while a DD can be setup quickly, BACs rules denote how much notice a user must be given before a payment can be collected and therefore it sounds like this decision is to ensure compliance with this too.

I’m excited for the Booster community to get their hands on this, despite how hands off it actually is ha ha. :trophy:


That’s good to know @Oisin & @Alastair-PM thanks for the update.

As long as it’ll be bulletproof. :slight_smile:

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This will be great. I will set DD as soon as it hits my screen.

Direct Debit all setup on my booster account seem less setup

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I have just set up mine, great stuff.


All set up can now just use my booster card and pay bill each month love this :grinning:


Glad you’ve all spotted it! Any feedback is always welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve already seen elsewhere a message from @blvck.s saying you’d like to be able to change the direct debit detail in the app rather than having to contact customer support. We’re working on it :hammer_and_wrench:

Any other feedback?


Hi @Alastair-PM that’s good to hear. Have you got any idea on when PDF statements are going to surface? I think the goal was February and now we’re in June with no communication about it.


Hi @blvck.s I will check and get back to you

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