Direct Debit is here for Tymit Booster users

@blvck.s We are currently focusing on a new app re-design, adding Gpay/Apple pay and also adding openbanking payments. But, we’re also building the capability internally to easily generate statements for user who request them (there is some pesky complexity there that needs to be addressed). When the new design launches, we will then add the capability for users to generate these statements in the app

So realistically a few months at least, but hopefully not too long before it’s possible to easily request statements through support

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Thanks for the update @Alastair-PM .

I do hope that it is communicated through the customer service team to be faster, if they’re responsible for creating pdf statements, as I’ve been waiting weeks for my request.

Speaking of the app re-design, any update on the date of release?

Maybe I’m reading this wrong but does this mean the new app design is still a few months away? I remember you tweeted in March to say it was coming “very soon”…

Statements are a few months away, but we’re currently testing the new app design at the moment. We want to make sure it works well and there’s a lot to test an iterate on, so we’re hoping a few weeks