Direct Debit payment on Booster?


Any idea on when booster users are getting ‘Direct Debit’ functionality?

Hi, The last updated I could see on this was around a month ago. It says that direct debits would be getting phased in for booster accounts but no timescale given.

Perhaps @Pipo could give you a better idea on when this might be implemented.

Hi Billy and thanks for the response.

Hopefully @Pipo can give booster users a concrete time where we can finally have it. :pray:

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Also wondering when will get direct debit on booster

Hi @blvck.s @Billy @Jackamo2009

First, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We really appreciate your feedback and going forward for Booster we (and in particular, me) will be engaging much more strongly in the community.

Second, I have good news! We’ve just announced that we’re rolling out direct debit for Booster users later this week/early next week - you can read more about it here: Direct Debit is here for Tymit Booster users


We now have direct debit functionality. Can we change this on the fly?

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If you mean change the date, no. Tymit only collect once a month currently, on or around the 7th.

However if you wish to make an additional payment at a different time you can click Learn More and there is the option there.

No I don’t mean the date I mean, changing my direct debit details incase something went wrong. Once I setup the direct debit, the option to change it disappears completely. It seems I’ll have to contact CS to get an answer but at least we now have it.

That’s correct. There isn’t the ability to amend a DD in the app currently when viewing your existing details.